A Request For Help From Your Postmaster

My name is Shirley Franklin. I am the Postmaster for the Lakewood Post Office. Over the past few years, the Lakewood Post Office has had a serious problem with injuries to our carriers while on their routes. Last year alone, seven carriers were absent from duty due to injuries incurred on the job. Carriers suffered everything from fractured bones to sprained ankles. Had some precautions been taken all of these injuries could have been prevented. When we have several carriers absent from duty, it makes it very difficult to give prompt, accurate delivery services to our customers. The Post Office is asking for your help with this matter. Within the next couple of weeks you will be receiving a memo from our safety committee. The memo share information that will infrom you on how to assist us with issue to ensure carrier safety and excellent service. We hope you can take the time to read this important memo.

With winter fast approaching, we need to take every precaution on a daily basis. Our goal is to keep every carrier safe this winter season and throughout the year. Please read the great suggestions the safety committee has offered. If you have any questions, and or suggestions, please feel free to call at 216-226-9691.


Shirley Franklin, Postmaster

Safety Committee Memeber

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Volume 3, Issue 24, Posted 8:55 PM, 11.13.2007