Let's Capitalize on the Dog Park

A suggestion from Gordon Brumm
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Lakewood's dog park is a popular success. Scores of dog owners bring their dogs to the park for a romp and some socialization. And its clientele is not confined to Lakewood. It draws people and pets from communities as far as Avon Lake and Strongsville.

The city of Lakewood has made a financial investment in the park. Why not get the full benefit from the investment by making it an attraction for Lakewood itself? The dog park is a destination; let's use it to make Lakewood a destination as well.

One way to do this - not necessarily the only way or the most creative way - would be to put a small billboard advertising Lakewood business establishments. If there were more candidates than slots, occupants could be selected by lot. And the city would probably have to charge a nominal fee for space on the billboard, to make sure that candidates were serious.

And while we're on the subject of the dog park, let's not forget that it's an advertisement for Lakewood itself, showing Lakewood as a community that provides its citizens the opportunities to develop and enjoy their lives to the fullest. Why not spread the word to everyone in the area? The most obvious means being media advertising; and include similar attractions, such as Winterhurst, the Beck Center, Kid's Cove, and the Arts Fest. We have an attractive package. Let's sell it.
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Volume 3, Issue 1, Posted 3:03 AM, 01.07.07