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Light Up Lakewood 2023 (77 Photos)
Hailed by Channel 3 News as the best Holiday Lighting event in the area, the LO stopped by for the parade and some photos. ©2023 Lakewood Observer, Inc.

PhotoBlogs by Jim O'Bryan

Light Up Lakewood 2023 (77 Photos)
Hailed by Channel 3 News as the best Holiday Lighting event in the area, the LO stopped by for the parade and some photos. ©2023 Lakewood Observer, Inc.
Veteran's Day 2023 (25 Photos)
Photos from Veteran's Day ceremonies at Lakewood Park. ©2023Lakewood Observer, Inc.
Halloween Home Decorating Contest 2023 (84 Photos)
Each year the Lakewood Observer has a little contest to award and thank those that take the time to decorate their homes. The homes must be nominated, then are judge, then posted here, and some in the paper. Thank you to all that decorated, and big thanks to the judges, that went to each home.
©2023 Lakewood Observer, Inc.
Fire Fire Recognition Ceremony 2023 (77 Photos)

Each year in October the Lakewood Fire Department takes a moment to recognize those that have retired, died, been hire or promoted. It is known as Firefighter Recognition Ceremony. Here are some photos, captions being filled in.

Firefighter Recognition Ceremony 2023

All Companies Assemble At Station 1
Lakewood Fire Department Color Guard
Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 25
87th Pipe and Drums

Opening Hymn/Song
87th Pipes and Drums

Opening Comments
Fire Chief Timothy Dunphy

Master of Ceremonies
Fire Marshall Ryan Fairbanks

Opening Prayer
Reverend James Heffner

Junior Fire Chief
Jayden Fleming from Horace Mann

Hail and Farewell
87th Pipes and Drums/Color Guard

Recognition of Retirees
Captain Gordon Polando
Captain Joseph Schmook
Firefighter Steven Colbert
Firefighter Dean Jalovec
Firefighter Matthew Kopack
Paramedic Supervisor Charles Flynn

Swearing In Ceremony
Captain Martin Wellenhorst
Firefighter/Paramedic Nicolas Gehler
Firefighter/Paramedic Anthony Favazzo
Firefighter/Paramedic Zachary Stryffeler
Firefighter/Paramedic Colin Lucas
Firefighter/Paramedic Jeffery Mortensen
Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Tibjash

Awards Ceremony
Chief Timothy Dunphy

Meritorious Service Award
John Paul-Terranova and Chris Makaryk

Life Saving Award
Mike Tripodi, Dan Santry, Chris Makaryk and Dalton Jalovec

Reverend James Heffner

Closing Remarks
Chief Timothy Dunphy

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PhotoBlogs by Jacob Chabowski

Lakewood Cleans Up After Snowstorm (17 Photos)

Photos by Jacob Chabowski / Lakewood Observer

Lakewood Crews Battle Fire, Cold Weather on Madison (41 Photos)

Crews responded to an apartment fire Friday afternoon. Upon arrival heavy smoke with pouring out of an apartment. The entire building was evacuated. Rocky River, Fairview Park, and Westlake provided assistance. Photos by Jacob Chabowski / Lakewood Observer

Chesterland Fire 4/15/21 (20 Photos)

Lakewood Fire crews make quick work of a structure fire on Chesterland Ave. No injuries. No word on what started the blaze. Photos by Jacob Chabowski / Lakewood Observer

Another Shooting in Madison Park (31 Photos)

At 6:48pm Lakewood Police and Fire received multiple 911 calls about shots fired and people running at Madison Park. Officers arrived on-scene and confirmed a male was shot multiple times. Lakewood Fire arrived minutes later and transported the male to Metro Hospital.

Witnesses say the park was packed with families and children at the time of the shooting. Several children were still crying as parents took them out of the park.

"I couldn't believe it," one father told me as his daughter stood close by. "I thought it was fire crackers. I couldn't imagine there could be another shooting here."

Witnesses stated the shooter ran east and hopped a fence behind residences on Haltsead Ave. Officers were seen checking several backyards for evidence, though it is believed the shooting took place at the parking lot near the baseball fields.

One male was briefly detained by officers but was released after about 15 minutes.

No word on the victim's condition nor any arrests.

This is the second shooting at Madison Park in the last four weeks.

h/t to NEO_Scan on Twitter

Photos by Jacob Chabowski

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PhotoBlogs by george kubas II

Ohio State vs Michigan State Football (53 Photos)
It was senior day and the last home game of the season. The opposition had some impressive wins prior to this game, I’m still trying to figure out who showed up on Saturday at The Shoe. It was over early. Ohio State 56 Michigan State
Cleveland Indians Opening Day Pre-Game By George Kubas II (94 Photos)

© 2021 George Kubas II

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PhotoBlogs by Debra O'Bryan

Spooky Pooch Parade 2021 (80 Photos)
LakewoodAlive Spooky Pooch Parade at Madison Park October 16, 2021.
©2021 Debra O'Bryan
Homecoming Spirit Parade 2014 (73 Photos)
Photos from two locations of the spirit parade from Lakewood Park to the High School. All photos property of The Lakewood Observer Inc.©2014
July 4th 2010 (86 Photos)
Photos from within the 4th of July Parade and Celebration in Lakewood, Ohio. ©2010
The President Visits Lorain, Ohio (23 Photos)
President Barack Obama's meeting in Lorain, Ohio.Lakewood Observer, Inc. ©2010
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PhotoBlogs by Mike Deneen

"Loving Basketball In Lakewood" Event 4/24/21 (12 Photos)

Lakewood residents and leaders gathered on Saturday, April 24 at Madison Park to discuss the future of the basketball court.

BLM Unity Rally at Lakewood Park 6/13/20 (22 Photos)
Hundreds of protesters attended a unity rally on a sunny Saturday afternoon.
The event, organized by Mariah Davies and Devon White, had eight speakers address issues of systemic racism and police abuse.
LHS Class of 2020 Graduation Parade (108 Photos)
The LHS Class of 2020 could not have a traditional graduation ceremony due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Therefore, the district arranged a graduation parade on the morning of Sunday, May 31st.
Property Tax Reappraisal Conference 8/23/18 (4 Photos)
Cuyahoga County hosted a Reappraisal Conference for homeowners to dispute their 2018 tax assessments.
Over 100 people attended within the first half hour, and Channel 8 was there to interview residents.
Madison Park Basketball Court Grand Opening 7/25/18 (22 Photos)
After an 11 year absence, basketball returned to Madison Park on a sunny Wednesday evening. The Lakewood Outdoor Basketball Committee (LOBC) and the City of Lakewood opened Lakewood's first full basketball court since 2007.

Kids, city leaders, community activists and LOBC members attended the event, which included a cookout and ribbon cutting.
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PhotoBlogs by brian foox

Lakewood Food Truck Park (14 Photos)
Lakewood Food Truck Park
photos by brianfoox.com
Communion on Madison at Gethsemane Lutheran (2 Photos)
Communion on Madison at Gethsemane Lutheran
Recreation Corona.... (5 Photos)

i dont know shit ... I do love you all...

St. Clement Tear Down (6 Photos)
St. Clement Tear Down
Lakewood High School Alumni Hockey Game 2020 (25 Photos)

Lakewood High School Alumni Hockey Game 2020 photos by brianfoox.com

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PhotoBlogs by Nicholas Cancilliere Jr

Zombie Walk 2019 (19 Photos)

11th Annual Zombie And Monster Walk

Nicholas Cancilliere Jr

The 11th Annual Zombie and Monster Walk set off from the Five O'Clock Lounge this past Saturday. Admission was five dollars and two cans of food.  Participants could get their make-up done by professional FX make-up artists for $10 if they wanted to. All proceeds go to the Cleveland Food Bank.

#200-1 Beth Biasella,  #221-1 Halley Leith  #345-1  Steveggg Geeker

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PhotoBlogs by Kreshnik Musmurati

4th Of July Parade Lakewood Ohio (100 Photos)

4th Of July Parade Lakewood Ohio, Here are some of the photos from the parade, held on July 4 2019 on Lake Road near Lakewood Park

Republican National Convention Day 3 (20 Photos)
Republican National Convention day 3
Republican National Convention Day 2 (30 Photos)

here are some of the photos from Republican National Convention day 2 photoshoot downtown clevleand

Republican National Convention Day 1 (49 Photos)

Republican National Convention day 1 photos

4th Of July Independence Parade Lakewood Ohio (232 Photos)

Annual July 4th parade brings community together in Lakewood Ohio

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PhotoBlogs by tyler wick

Cleveland Indians vs Baltimore Orioles 8/17/18 (19 Photos)
The Cleveland Indians take a 2-0 win over the Baltimore Orioles last Friday night under the lights at Progressive Stadium.
Winter Jam 2017 - CSU Wolstein Center 3/12/17 (46 Photos)
Since its formation by NewSong in 1995, The Winter Jam Tour Spectacular has featured many of the top names in Christian music, including TobyMac, Third Day, Newsboys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Lecrae, Skillet, and more! The tour has outpaced any other tour's attendance for the past four years (according to Pollstar, 1st Qtr.).

Winter Jam is an incredible evening of live concerts by the top artists in Christian music, plus worship and ministry, to encourage believers and share the good news with those who have yet to trust Christ.

When NewSong began Winter Jam, it was based on the idea of removing cost barriers, so more people could attend, be encouraged by the music, and hear the gospel. Years later, those are still the foundations of Winter Jam.
Run or Dye 5k Color Run, Cleveland (18 Photos)

Run or Dye hosted a 5k color run in Cleveland, Ohio, on 4/19/14. 4500 contestants participated in the run. 

Celebrating the 4th of July in Lakewood (23 Photos)
Lakewood is a lively place on July 4th! Lakewood started the day with a parade and ended the evening with an awesome fireworks display!
Ohio State University's Commencement With Barack Obama (21 Photos)

Ohio State University's graduating class of 2013 had the opportunity to hear President Barack Obama deliver the commencement speech before receiving their diplomas. The commencement ceremony took place on May 5th, inside the OSU football stadium. Over 10,000 students graduated from OSU and approximately 60,000 visitors attended the ceremony. Barack Obama provided inspiring words to the class of 2013, focusing on the importance of citizenship. Addressing the students who all grew up during a time of economic trouble, wars, and terrorism- he said that this has tested them! But because of this, they have grown to be a strong generation. Through the love of their country, they can start to change it for the better.

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PhotoBlogs by Kreshnik Musmurati

2018 Lakewood 4th of July Celebration Parade (83 Photos)

Like every other year Lakewood Parade began at Lake Avenue at Kenneth Driver and ended at Lakewood Park,

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PhotoBlogs by Joseph Ott

Raising the Celeste Purple Martin House (30 Photos)

The Purple Martin House went up today! Here are some pictures. A big Thank You to Jim O'Reilly, Stephen Yusko, Lakewood Park manager Kurt Matej and his staff (Mike McCarthy, Pat Slife and Brian O'Boyle), Lakewoods Miracle Autobody, Mayor Mike Summers, and the Lakewood Foundation for the help provided. More work is needed to complete the project including pole repairs (or replacement) and more painting. The plan is to bring the house down in the Fall after the Purple Martins have left for Brazil and complete the needed work. Please see the below for more information: http://thelakewoodfoundation.org/affiliates/stephen-and-margaret-dubiel-lakewood-urban-bird-fund

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PhotoBlogs by Clare Ciolli

Highschool (1 Photos)
Exciting Additions to the High School Gym (2 Photos)
On September 19th, the school board held a meeting to discuss new opportunities to expand on the construction happening at the High School, more specifically, the gym. First Federal of Lakewood, who has a history of donating money to the school, is sponsoring the addition of an elevated track around the gym. The bank is giving 692,000 dollars for the project, and is willing to match 1 dollar for every 3 fundraised, up to 150,000 dollars. The money fundraised would go towards the addition of a public fitness center. It would be open to the community, making fitness and exercise readily available for everyone. These new facilities would push back the completion of the gym until November of 2017, but would not delay the opening of the rest of the academic wing. The total price tag would round out at 2.5 million dollars for the center.

Lakewood Volleyball Car Wash Fundraiser (20 Photos)

The Lakewood High school volleyball team fundraised for the upcoming season with a car wash.

RNC July 20 (37 Photos)
Today was invigorating. The energy in Cleveland this week is unreal. I personally witnessed an attempt to burn the American flag, a man trying to instigate fighting (which I will talk more about), wonderful musicians performing around town, and the constant presence of police officers keeping us safe.

One thing I had a hard time seeing was the blatantly sexist anti-Hillary propaganda and merchandise being sold around town. She was reduced to body parts and her husbands past mistakes. T-shirts with sexual innuendos were being sold on every street corner and in between. How would a party so desperate for the support of woman tolerate such propaganda.

As a young Photographer, I haven't been in such volatile surroundings before. I felt the need to mention the fact that an adult male rammed into my shoulder with his, when passing, as I looked through some pictures I had just taken. I had moved to a less populated section of Public Square, so there was no reason for him to have slammed into me like that aside from trying to instigate a fight. I witnessed him move on and do the same to two other people.

What made me especially proud of Cleveland was when a man, after witnessing the incident, came up to me and apologized on behalf of the instigator. He said that actual Clevelanders are far too polite to do something like that.
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PhotoBlogs by Mike Zannoni

Giant Hawk Eats Giant Gull at Giant Eagle (2 Photos)
Wild Kingdom at the grocery store
Rainbow, double (1 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Alexander Belisle

1st Historic Birdtown Walk + Templar Museum (122 Photos)

1) some on our tour used to live there and added much interesting personal info 2) the little princess girl had her birthday so the group sang Happy Birthday to her

Parade the Circle 2016 (199 Photos)

At the Wade Oval put on by Cleveland Museum of Art

Lakewood Girls Rugby State Championdship (53 Photos)

Placed 2nd and played their hearts out!

State of Lakewood Address (32 Photos)

The Lakewood Democratic Club meeting 5/26/16

Lakewood Project (5/21/16) (190 Photos)

Another exciting and admirable performance but I hate the lighting. ;-)

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PhotoBlogs by Benjamin Taddesse

Lakewood Lincoln and Horace Mann Students take in the Arts (6 Photos)
Shannon Katzenberger of Lincoln Elementary and Euna Taddesse of Horace Mann Elementary enjoy Second Sunday, Cleveland Museum of Art monthly craft day
Donuts with Dads (3 Photos)

PTA holds Donuts with Dads at Horace Mann Elementary

Hot chocolate at the Root (3 Photos)
Horace Mann student Euna Taddesse marveling at her delicious hot chocolate at the Root Cafe
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PhotoBlogs by Rhonda Loje

Trains (1 Photos)
Jared Kirtland (1 Photos)
Whipporwill Estate
Lakewood Park (1 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Brian Essi

Fairview Hosp Needs $75M (2 Photos)
Fairview Hospital needs to $75 Million expansion to make up for Lakewood Closing
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PhotoBlogs by Maggie Fraley

Taste of Lakewood 2015 (26 Photos)

"The Taste of Lakewood is a no-admission fee, outdoor day-long food & music festival that celebrates what Lakewood is known for: tremendously Good Food. The event features Lakewood’s eclectic mix of regionally known restaurants and food purveyors along with live music onstage, a beer & wine garden, dining tents, a VIP Experience, and more. A portion of the event’s proceeds funds the Chamber’s annual scholarship program that rewards and assists college-bound high school seniors from St. Edward and Lakewood High Schools."  There were so many more participants than are photographed below, and all of them served their delicious food to a large enthusiastic crowd!

Photos: Kevin Fraley


Taste of Lakewood 2014 (14 Photos)

Photos taken by Kevin Fraley

Meltdown 2013! (19 Photos)

Thousands attend Meltdown on a perfect summer day in Lakewood.

Photos taken by Kevin Fraley.

2013 Taste of Lakewood (26 Photos)

Photos by Kevin Fraley at Taste of Lakewood 2013.  Please click on photos to enlarge and read comments.

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PhotoBlogs by Mary Breiner

2014 4th of July Parade (26 Photos)

Misc photos from today's parade.

taken by Mary Breiner

Fourth of July (12 Photos)
LEAF (6 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Matthew John Markling

Summer 2014 (9 Photos)
Summers' 'Wood (37 Photos)

These are various photos of Lakewood under the reign of Mayor Michael P. Summers.

The Garfield Middle School 17th Annual Memorial Day Recognition Program (May 23, 2014) (15 Photos)

Pack/Troop 68 retire the flag at the Garfield Middle School 17th Annual Memorial Day Recognition Program.

Winter (12 Photos)
BMF (1 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Melissa Page

2012 Lakewood Old House Fair (21 Photos)

Here are a few photos to add from the Old House Fair. It was near the end of the show when hubby, Charlie, and I finally had some time to walk around and visit the exhibitors for some of our own home needs. (We both help put this show on and keep very busy during the show). See Jim O'bryan's photoblog for some good shots.

Lakewood Old House Fair 2011 (70 Photos)

The 3rd Annual Lakewood Old House Fair took place on Saturday, April 18th, 2011 from11 to 4pm at Harding Middle School on Madison Ave. in Lakewood. Thank you to all the local businesses and nonprofit services who took the time to connect and share with residents. The 2012 Old House Fair will be Saturday, May 5, 11 to 4 pm at Harding again. Admission is free.


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PhotoBlogs by Peter Grossetti

Veterans Day 2013 (14 Photos)

Annually ... one of my favorite "assignments."

Lakewood Community Festival 2013 (14 Photos)

Food, fun, friends, neighbors ... all the 26th Annual Lakewood Community Festival at Madison Park. 09-07-13

2103 Lakewood Car Kulture Show (27 Photos)
various shot from 2013 Lakewood Car Kulture Dhow
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PhotoBlogs by David Lay

West Shore Express Groundbreaking Ceremony (1 Photos)
Leaders from Lakewood, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority break ground on the new Clifton Boulevard Enhancement Project, dubbed the West Shore Express. (David Lay/The Lakewood Observer)
McGinty Press Conference (2 Photos)

On Thursday, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty held a Press Conference to deliver a statement of what charges he will seek against Ariel Castro. McGinty said he will seek aggravated murder charges against Mr. Castro, citing terminated pregnancies among the women he held captive in his Seymour Avenue home. (David Lay/The Lakewood Observer)

Vigil for Victims of Dancin' in the Streets Tragedy (3 Photos)

Members of the community and the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland held a Candlelight Vigil Tuesday, to pray for the victims of Sunday's tragedy during the annual Dancin' in the Streets festival. (David Lay/The Lakewood Observer)

Filming of The Avengers (12 Photos)

Marvel's upcoming film The Avengers, slated for a Summer 2012 release, is filming in the Cleveland area through the end of August. As one of a total of 7 movies being filmed in the area, bringing upwards of $90 Million into the area's economy, The Avengers boasts a $250 Million budget. (David Lay/The Lakewood Observer)

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PhotoBlogs by Josh Yellon

Lakewood Car Kulture 2013 (29 Photos)


Cleveland in Winter (10 Photos)

For more information please visit my sites @ Josh Yellon Photography   More Photos     Josh Yellon Music

Thanks for looking!

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PhotoBlogs by Craig Lovejoy

Lakewood Car Kulture Show (57 Photos)

I didn't get there until about 4 so some of the cars and crowd are gone but still some nice shots.

Stinchcomb Concert Series (16 Photos)

"Stinchcomb Concert Series" feat Brigid's Cross Thur, July 25 @ 6-8 p.m. Stinchcomb Memorial, Off Hogsback Lane

Independence Day Parade (62 Photos)
Low level aerial photography of the 4th of July Parade
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PhotoBlogs by Christopher Bindel

Lakewood Summer Meltdown (106 Photos)
Eaters of Lakewood and Pillars of Lakewood watermelon eating contest, and the Meltdown 5K.
Baby Deer Found in Lakewood (15 Photos)

I was wondering about on a Sunday afternoon walk, when I found this baby deer hidden among some trees by the railroad tracks.

Saying Goodbye to the Detroit Theater: Documenting the Structure in its Final Days (96 Photos)

These photos were taken over two sessions. The first when I was able to get in with the Lakewood Historical Society and the second during a day where seats, movie posters and other items in the theater where for sale. On the second day we removed some of the burlap wall coverings and found some nice plaster decorations on the wall.

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PhotoBlogs by Billy Delfs

Meet The Trucks (78 Photos)

June 1st, Lakewood Park.

Joe (12 Photos)

I went back to Edgewater today after yesterdays clean up. A man was swimming. His Name is Joe. (former Bull Fighter and Boxer) He met his wife at that beach in '51 after he returned from the Korean War and has raised four children. He will only swim when the water is the 50's,60'sor70's and advises not to go in when the water temp reaches the mid to upper 70's or higher.  He has been swimming there for over 40 years and has been named and known as the "mayor of edge water".

 He explained much more to me, but for now let's try to keep the beach clean.

Skate (5 Photos)

I am not a very good skateboarder. I can move on one however, that is about all. These represent my admiration for skateboarding. Photographed at the Lakewood park.

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PhotoBlogs by Chris Slomka

Amanda Berry Homecoming (25 Photos)
Pictures and video of Amanda Berry's return home to her sister's house.
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PhotoBlogs by stephen davis

Trevor's Photos From Russia (6 Photos)
These photos were sent by my son, Trevor. They are of Vladimir, Russia during the week before XMAS.
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PhotoBlogs by Michael Yatcko

september, 2011 (7 Photos)
Lake photos
summer (1 Photos)
A photo of a large lake ship from my backyard
spring (4 Photos)
A violent rain and wind storm came through Lakewood. It blew down a pine tree right next to my building.
Winter Weather (15 Photos)

I was looking at my backyard today and was taken by the frozen lake. I thought it would be cool to take some photos of it. These are the result.

Tenant Meeting 1/4/11 (15 Photos)

A tenant meeting was held January 4, 2011 at Lakeshore Towers. It was attended by two Lakewood Councilwoman and a representative from Clevelands Tenant's Organization. The meeting was to introduce new tenant candidates, as well as having the current tenant members present.

View More PhotoBlogs by Michael Yatcko

PhotoBlogs by Ivor Karabatkovic

Taylor Swift wows a sold out Quicken Loans Arena (20 Photos)

Taylor Swift brought her "Speak Now World Tour" to Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday night, and 15,000 screaming fans joined her for a night filled with surprises.

The 21-year-old superstar was backed by a eight-piece band, eight dancers trained to perform anything from hip-hop to ballet, and three trapeze artists that made fans hold their breath. Yet it was Taylor's show, and she had command of the stage from the moment the Victorian theatre-style courtains opened.

Opening with two songs from her new album, Speak Now, Taylor sent the crowd into a singing and screaming frenzy. Pyro wowed younger fans, while parents snapped photos. The 8:30 p.m. start time is a bit early for most headliners, but the parents had to appreciate getting their kids home before midnight. "Story of Us" had the band, dancers, and crowd fully engaged, while "Mean" turned into a ballad for anyone who's ever been picked on. A quick costume and set change, and Taylor showed her piano playing abilities with a moving randition of "Back to December".

Quick set and costume changes were a common thing Saturday night. There were nine costume changes in total, and sets included everything from a church setting during "Speak Now", three large church bells that rung during "Haunted", and a floating balcony in which Taylor soared over the crowd and around the arena during "Love Story". A seperate stage in the back of the arena provided a great view for fans who were further away from the main stage. Taylor navigated through the crowd, giving hugs and bracelets to fans of all ages along the way to and from the main stage.

It was on the second stage that Taylor showed her musical talents and ability to connect with fans through her music.

"Songwriting is something I need to do", Swift explained as she held a ukelele. "It's much more than what I love to do now."

She didn't chat too much with the crowd, but the interaction and energy from the fans was definitely there. Swift let her music do most of the talking for her, only adding anecdotal facts, song inspirations and the occasional compliment to the rowdy fans.

Short covers of Macy Gray's "I Try", as well as "My Wish" by Columbus natives Rascal Flatts led into her hit "You Belong With Me". Thanks to Taylor's Ukelele-playing, it was refreshingly light and uplifting. It was also the fourth instrument she skillfully played up to that point. Pyrotechnics, fog machines and Taylor's vocals were spot-on for the moodier portion of the show, which featured "Dear John", "Enchanted" and "Haunted".

"Long Live" included a shout-out to Cleveland native Paul Sidoti, who plays guitar in Taylor's band. "[Paul] is very proud of where he comes from", Taylor said, "and you should be very proud of him for being from here." Sidoti received a very warm welcome from the sold out arena, and even wore a Browns jersey for the encore. The video screen projected scenes from her first headlining tour, the highly-grossing Fearless Tour.

The floating balcony during "Love Story" sent Taylor up in the air and over the crowd on zip lines, eye-level with the club seating in the Q. Just one of many surprises in store at a Taylor Swift concert. While her theatrical setup pushes the envelope for touring country artist, she stayed true to her Nashville roots by never losing the message of her songs. Something tells me that 15,000 singing fans, or friends, as she calls them, would remind her if she happened to get lost in the moment. Even though audio troubles towards the end had some fans baffled, her voice was spot on. Full of energy, the 21-year-old singer showed off her musical talents and proved to any doubters that she is the real deal, and is here to stay for a long time.

Setlist: Sparks Fly, Mine, Story of Us, Our Song, Mean, Back To December, Better Than Revenge, Speak Now, Fearless, Last Kiss, You Belong With Me, Dear John, Enchanted, Haunted, Long Live. Encore: Fifteen, Love Story.

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PhotoBlogs by Betsy Voinovich

Spring 2011 (1 Photos)
Photos in and around me.
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PhotoBlogs by Danielle Masters

Recess Rocks (6 Photos)
4th of July 2010 (44 Photos)

4th of July in Lakewood.

Lakewood Project (4 Photos)
The Lakewood Project with special guest Matt Turner and the Lakewood Middle School orchestras.
4th of July (31 Photos)
Parade, Lakewood Project, and Fireworks. 
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PhotoBlogs by Jeff Fritz

BOOK SALE (13 Photos)
Fun at the Cleveland Public Library Used Book Sale.
CLEVELAND MARATHON - MAY 16, 2010 (12 Photos)
The course of the Cleveland Marathon didn't go through Lakewood this year. Here are some of the things you missed.
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PhotoBlogs by Gary Rice

LHS Class of '70 and HAZE rock on! (32 Photos)

Last night, after a stellar weekend commencing Friday at the Rock Hall, Lakewood High's Class of 1970 concluded their 40th anniversary celebration at Lakewood's Around the Corner restaurant, with a reunion of the famous and fabulous HAZE rock band. Current band mates included bassist Rick Wager, drummer Declan Simon, guitarist Paul Robinson, and guitarist John Brite, and they thrilled the crowd! The band had played for the class back in 1970, as well. What a night for all concerned!!! (Dig the utterly cool "LHS" spelled out on Paul's three guitar pickup covers!

(All photos by Gary Rice)

Rock Hall hosts Les Paul! (15 Photos)
The 13th Annual American Music Masters event was held from Nov 10-15 at the Rock Hall and around town. The event was sponsored by the Hall, as well as by CWRU, Gibson Guitars, Playhouse Square, the Ohio Humanities Council, and the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Here are some shots of the event. Photos property of Gary Rice
Robert Rice honored by Harding School (2 Photos)
Former Harding Band, Orchestra, and Choir Director Robert R. Rice was honored on Thursday, May 17th, at the school's concert.

Mr. Rice received a Proclamation naming the day "Robert Rice Day" in Lakewood from Mayor Thomas George's office, as well as receiving a congressional recognition from Congressman Dennis Kucinich's office.

Rice wrote "The Harding March" for the school years ago. Present Harding Band Director Brian Griebel, invited Mr. Rice back to direct the tune.

It was a night of memories.
It was accompanied by a chorus, and the audience was then invited to sing along.
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PhotoBlogs by

lakewood 4th of july 2010 (6 Photos)
pictures of fireworks and the Lakewood High School Rock Band
sunset (1 Photos)

just a quick sunset pic from my backyard

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PhotoBlogs by Margaret Brinich

LPL and LEAF Learning Garden (32 Photos)

Work is underway at the LPL/LEAF Learning Garden behind Madison Park. The grant awarded to LPL is aimed at helping bring libraries together with local food projects so that kids (and library patrons of all ages) learn to be good stewards of the earth.

School Board Meeting BY TAYLOR TRIMARCHI 2-16-10 (27 Photos)
Taylor Trimarchi captures the range of emotions from the board meeting last night at LHS.
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PhotoBlogs by frank lanza

Hessler St. Fair (22 Photos)
St. James Church (3 Photos)
RAD Potluck (17 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Joseph Decker

Lakewood in Bloom (4 Photos)
Every day I walk through the neighborhoods from West Hilliard to East Lake Ave., collecting flowers for my lovely lady. Lakewood has a such a vast array of blooms, it will take me all summer to identify them!  Tulips and Daffodils came first, then Hyacinth, then the trees blossomed. Every day has been breathtaking.
The lakewood Observational Project (8 Photos)
This blog is dedicated to observing the natural and sometimes unnatural evolution of the Lakwood landscape. All things observed!
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PhotoBlogs by Don Farris

AT&T Box (1 Photos)
Here's an AT&T box I saw north of Lake on Nicholson
Woodpeckers (4 Photos)
Easter Eggs (1 Photos)
Spring Break (1 Photos)
Big Bird in Clifton Park (3 Photos)
Saw this huge bird in one of our trees.
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PhotoBlogs by Dennis Ehren, DC

Scenes from Screw Factory Artists Opens Studio Event (20 Photos)
The Screw Factory artists of the Lake Erie Building hosted an open studio event on Saturday, November 7.  The event was very well attended and everyone seemed to really enjoy looking at and buying artworks, and chatting with the artists.  In this gallery are pictures of some of the artists and their works, and people checking it all out.
Scenes from the Great Pumpkin Workout (10 Photos)
On Saturday, October 24, Liz Donnelly, fitness trainer from Training by Liz, held a pumpkin family exercise morning at Lakewood Congregational Church. About 25 people, parents and kids, took part in a morning of exercise and fun. After working out with their pumpkins, the kids got to decorate them and take them home!
Spanish Guitar at the Library (3 Photos)
Stuart Vokes entertained library patrons with his Spanish and Flamenco guitar pieces.
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PhotoBlogs by Heather Ramsey

Rutabaga Nights (13 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Observer Production

Columbine Memorial (22 Photos)
10 year anniversary of the Columbine High School tragedy. Photos of Columbine Memorial and high school.
4th Of July (33 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Ahmie Yeung

Earth Hour at Lakewood Park (14 Photos)
Images from the crowd gathered to observe and celebrate an hour in the dark. Images are untweaked due to photographer being exhausted.
Art Festival 2008 (13 Photos)
August 2, 2008 Lakewood Arts Festival
Walk & Roll 2008 (10 Photos)
Pictures from the 2008 Walk & Roll, primarily of the belly dancers
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PhotoBlogs by Steve Hoffert

Chickens 7Mar09 (1 Photos)
Cocks and Hens (20 Photos)
Pretty scary huh?
Life Outside Lakewood (29 Photos)

Cell phone photos from my trip up to the Adirondacks and Vermont on my motorcycle in September. 1800 miles of solitude on my GL500 Interstate without listening to the radio or looking at the Observation Deck.

Any bikers out there? Sorry Motocyclists. Let me know!

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PhotoBlogs by Jacob Ott

Sarah Palin Rally (8 Photos)
November 3rd, 2008 Lakewood Park
Sandy Ridge (15 Photos)
somewhere out in Avon I think.
Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park (8 Photos)
March 13, 2008
Went and took pictures?
Lakewood Boys Basketball vs. Medina (9 Photos)
Lakewood JV/Varsity at home against Medina
Lakewood Boys Basketball vs. Brunswick (9 Photos)
Feb. 6th, 2008.
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PhotoBlogs by Rosemary Wagoner

Commissioning Ceremonies (2 Photos)
Commissioning Ceremonies for the new Emerson and Horace Mann Elementaries in Lakewood.
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PhotoBlogs by Bryan Schwegler

July 4th Parade 2008 (86 Photos)
Photos from Lakewood's 4th of July parade.
Christmas in Amherst, VA 2008 (6 Photos)
Just a few shots from when I was down in central Virginia for the holidays.
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PhotoBlogs by Joshua Rothhaas

Mckinley and Taft (11 Photos)
These are photos for the story about the two schools that are closing, McKinley and Taft.
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PhotoBlogs by Thealexa Becker

2008 LHS Senior Art Show (19 Photos)
These are some images from the Senior Class of 2008 Art Show at the LPL Main Branch on Thursday May 22.
There were many awards given for the artwork.
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PhotoBlogs by Bill Nugent

Kirtland House Fire (17 Photos)
All photos courtesy of Amanda Nugent.
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PhotoBlogs by Andrew Harant

Lakewood Public Library Children's Sculpture (28 Photos)
Photos of the installation of the sculpture in the entry of the Children's and Youth Services Dept. in Lakewood Public Library. Sculpture is by David Deming, president/CEO of Cleveland Institute of Art and Lakewood High graduate. One side is the "lake," and the other side is the "wood."
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PhotoBlogs by Catherine Butler

Mom and kittens in need of foster home 7.11.06 (2 Photos)
cat family needing fostering
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PhotoBlogs by Dan Slife

St. Paul to Fargo, North Dakota (8 Photos)
After spending several days in Madison I made my way to Bismark, North Dakota. The trip would have been a 10 hour drive, had I not stopped at St. Paul, Minnesota and Fargo, North Dakota along the way.

St. Paul is a large, intriguing metropolis. I was not in town long enough to do very much exploring. However, I was lucky enough to run into the executive of a St. Paul non-profit that is working with Mung children and other minorities, advancing a CSA program similar to City Fresh. They too are receiving funding from USDA grants.

St. Paul-Minneapolis is something of a cross between Cleveland and Chicago. I suspect that the shear density of this city with respect to an otherwise rural, sparsely populated country side accounts for the aggregation of cultural and political differentiation from the confused-sinking-rust bucket of Cleveland.
Madison, WI (8 Photos)
For the last forty-some days I've been traveling the country by automobile. Madison was the first and one of my favorite stops along the way.

Being the Capital of Wisconsin and site of the largest state university, Madison is characterized by an interesting cultural and political mixture tending towards progressive & ecological consciousness, professionalized government and heavy involvment of grass roots action in political and social affairs. Madison's small scale certainly plays a significant factor in it's unique character.

Madison is similar in scale to Missoula, Montana and Eugene, Oregon, both of which are generally considered similar politically and culturally.

Beyond any immediate demographic and political similarities between these places, Madison stands out as distinctly mid-western in temperment, less corporate and generally less occupied by the forces of gentrification that these other two cities.

Madison is an 8 hour drive from Lakewood, 485 miles.
Colorado (13 Photos)

Denver Air Murals a the Rockies

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PhotoBlogs by dl meckes

Graffiti (1 Photos)
National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Day (24 Photos)
National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Day, 10/07/07
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PhotoBlogs by Susan Adams

Four New Schools Open! (20 Photos)
August 19, 2007 - the day that the community of Lakewood opened four brand new state-of-the-art school buildings! Ceremonies were held to Commission Harrison and Hayes Elementary Schools and Harding and Garfield Middle Schools.

This was a truly historical and news worthy day in the community of Lakewood!
Graduation Guarantee (1 Photos)
With Class of 2007 Graduation,
Lakewood Graduation Guarantee Takes Effect. Lakewood School District: Lakewood Graduates Meet Ohio Academic Standards - We Guarantee it!

Sam O'Leary, 2007 Class President is the first to receive the Graduation Guarantee, presented by Dr. David Estrop, Superintendent, and Mrs. Linda Beebe, President, Board of Education.
Franklin Volunteer Thank You Tea (7 Photos)
Franklin Elementary School Principal Nancy Ross and school staff thanked all those who volunteered in the school this year with an afternoon tea, complete with awards, an array of food, and songs performed by the fifth grade choir and kindergarten students. The song, "Eating Guacamole" was a crowd favorite!
Veterans Honored at Emerson Event (6 Photos)
Emerson Middle School and H2O – Help To Others, a City of Lakewood Youth Volunteer Program, hosted the 10th Annual Memorial Day Veteran Recognition Program on Friday May 18, 2007. Veterans and their families, or surviving family members were recognized for their service to our country. They wore their uniforms and brought service memorabilia to share with students during a breakfast gathering and program.

After the program, veterans visited classrooms to talk with students about their experiences.
New Schools Nearly Done! On Time, On Budget! (9 Photos)
Photos show recent progress on school construction projects - four new schools will open in the fall! Harrison and Hayes Elementary Schools, and Harding and Garfield Middle Schools.
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PhotoBlogs by Emily Ott

Ernie Krivda (10 Photos)
Here are a few pictures of Ernie Krivda and his band members performing at Lakewood Park Saturday 8/18/2007 during Lakewood Hospital's 100 year celebration.
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PhotoBlogs by Holly Cooper Whisman

Fireworks 2007 (5 Photos)
My advice: leave pyrotechnics to the experts. I'll just take photos. Next year I'll try longer exposures...
Help Kids Cove (8 Photos)
Joe took these photos to document the playground maintenance necessary to keep Kids Cove safe and fun.
Autumn on the West Side (9 Photos)
A collection of recent photos from Lakewood and Cleveland's West side. If you enjoy these, you might want to check out my photo exhibit at the Lakewood Phoenix. Thanks to Jim for the printing assistance.
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PhotoBlogs by Chris Trapp

Misc (4 Photos)
Photos to post on deck
LEAF Community (16 Photos)
Lakewood Earth And Food Community
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PhotoBlogs by andrew elaban

Andrew Elaban (42 Photos)
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PhotoBlogs by Bill Davis

White deer and hawks (7 Photos)
Sighting of a white "pied" deer from the Emerald Canyon, and some shots of a Cooper's hawk in my Lakewood yard.
roadside memorial (3 Photos)
Pluto fans, please contribute!
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PhotoBlogs by Eric Crawford

The Greatest Show on Earth comes to Cleveland (4 Photos)
The circus elephants parade up E. 9th St. to Quicken Loans Arena.
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PhotoBlogs by dan ott

Art? (13 Photos)
Some of my art.
See more at softlykilling.net
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PhotoBlogs by

Christmas Lighting (13 Photos)
Christmas Concert (7 Photos)
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