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Training by Liz Express Fit Tip

Postby Liz Donnelly » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:05 pm

It was a whirlwind of a weekend and the Express Tips suffered for it. But I'm back on track and decided to write a weekly fitness tip to keep you tuning in while not consuming this entire thread.

Q: So what exactly is the best kind of exercise to burn fat?

A: There are two (and they range broadly): cardiovascular and resistance (weight) training.

You need to do both kinds, whether together or separately, in order to melt off the stubborn fat AND prevent its return long-term. Examples of cardio would be aerobics, running, swimming, bootcamp-style classes, kickboxing, etc. Resistance training runs the gamut of weight machines, to dumbbell training, body weight exercise (think push-up), various forms of Yoga, Pilates and so forth. In some cases there are even blurry lines between the two forms of exercise depending on what you choose. For instance bootcamp-style workouts incorporate both resistance and cardiovascular components.

If fat loss is a goal and you have yet to commit to exercise, then what's holding you back?

Feel free to respond to this topic and let me know. I can't read your mind nor can I help you achieve the body you deserve by "reading" your mind. :wink:

Your family fitness guru,

Liz Donnelly
Personal Trainer/Fitcamp Coach
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