What You Can Not See Will Hurt You

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What You Can Not See Will Hurt You

Postby james fitzgibbons » Tue May 10, 2016 4:22 pm

I will never understand why people that hate weeds like harmful chemicals so much. Is it really worth it to spew weed killer and fertilizer all over your yard, risking your children and pets health, and tracking it into the house. The trillion dollar industry has sold the American people a bill of goods. Monsanto is not the only company that benefits, drug companies love it too. Why does not the medical field condemn all the chemicals that make people sick? I will tell you why because they are all making money off of it. WHAT ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT. LOBBYISTS AND BIG MONEY LIKE IT JUST THE WAY IT IS. Is it really necessary to be weed free an have a so called perfect lawn? At what cost, no wonder cancer is #2 killer in U.S. The irony is that medical mistakes is #3 leading cause of death in U.S. Does anyone really care?

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