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Lakewood Marked Bike Route (Franklin/Hilliard/Madison)

Posted: Thu May 10, 2007 6:48 pm
by Tim Liston
Here's what Mike Gill said in an e-mail to me, much more eloquently than I could have written....

"I think more than consider sharrows, the city should pursue them energetically. Someone should draft a letter for the Mayor and all city council reps to sign to help push sharrows off the "under consideration" list, or whatever it is. Lakewood can and should be at the forefront, because fighting the fight will help in the branding. In fact, it won't just be branding. It will be action. We should promote writing such letters to council, etc. among bike lakewood membership. Having little tasks like that that only cost a stamp is a great way to energize people and get them involved. I'll be happy to write that letter.

As an aside, I think the appeal of Sharrows should be its strong case to both conservative and liberal viewpoints on the bike lane issue: It's sensible, less complicated, even requires less paint, doesn't add any new infrastructure, as a bike lane does. And yet it has the promotional potential--the encouraging visibility--that to me is the only strength of bike lanes."

IMO Mike you are spot on. Any thoughts?