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Events for Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities October Meeting
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Program: Return to a Burning House is a video documentary of the life of Haviva Reick born in the Slovakian village of Nadabula ( now a part of Roznava), in Czechoslovakia. She was of Jewish ancestry and escaped the Nazis and fled to Palestine in 1939. There in 1944, she was recruited by British Special Operations and the Palmach to return to Slovakia to support the Slovak National Uprising against the Nazis and to help Jews, as well as British and American pilots, escape the country. She was captured near Banska Bystrica by the Nazis and executed, sacrificing her life for the greater good.
For more information about the meeting or Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities and its programs, please call 703-728-4423.

Please note that the meeting will take place in the new multimedia room at Sokol Greater Cleveland/ Bohemian National Hall, 4939 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44127 (parking is in the rear of the building off Pershing Avenue)