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Events for Thursday, October 13, 2011

Northwesterly Fall Festival
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Northwesterly Assisted Living offers "More Than S'Mores!" Join us as we enjoy the beautiful fall weather roasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories, drinking cider, and playing games! Come see why our residents enjoy calling Northwesterly home. Bring your family and your appietite to sample some of the goodies our residents enjoy during the fall season.

To RSVP for this event, call Annette at 216-220-6475. We hope to see you here!
Northwesterly Assisted Living
1341 Marlowe Ave
Lakewood, OH 44107
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Deagan's Bike Night Finale Party
5:00 PM
Celebrate a fun summer of bicycling at the last Deagan's Bike Night of the year. If you've biked to Deagan's Bike Night since June, you'll also have a chance to win great prizes from Deagan's, Century Cycles, and Raleigh Bicycles.

Prize giveaways start at 7pm and will conclude at 8pm, when we pull the lucky winner of the grand prize -- a brand-new Raleigh Detour Deluxe bicycle from Century Cycles worth over $800.
Deagan's Kitchen and Bar
14810 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood
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Citizen Forum To Discuss Charter Amendments
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Citizen Forum To Discuss Charter Amendments
Thursday, October 13, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Lakewood Public Library Auditorium, 15425 Detroit Avenue

There will be a Citizen Forum to discuss proposed Lakewood City Charter changes on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 7:00 PM at the Lakewood Public Library Main Branch Auditorium, 15425 Detroit Avenue. This event is being co-sponsored by the LWV Cuyahoga County, Lakewood Chapter and the City of Lakewood.

Citizens of Lakewood will be asked to vote Nov. 8, 2011, on a series of ballot issues that, if passed, will result in several changes to the city charter.

On July 25, City Council voted to place eight ballot questions before the voters this fall that would update 12 sections of the Second Amended Charter, which is the highest body of law specific to Lakewood. Voters will decide whether to adopt these charter changes:

Issue 65: Whether the charter should be updated to affirm the city's ability to govern itself under home-rule authority given to municipalities by the Ohio constitution.
Issue 66: Whether certain judicial powers granted to the mayor should be removed from the charter.
Issue 67: Whether City Council should have the right to appoint acting and interim mayors from among Lakewood residents when the mayor's office is vacant.
Issue 68: Whether the language on when appointed councilmembers' terms expire should be clarified to eliminate confusion.
Issue 69: Whether the votes of appointed councilmembers should carry the same weight as those of elected councilmembers.
Issue 70: Whether City Council may adopt rules on where official city business is published, including physical locations and on the Internet.
Issue 71: Whether the charter should be clarified to ensure the city may use its home-rule authority to limit the duties imposed by state law on chief legal officers.
Issue 72: Whether improvements to the city sewer system may be funded by the same millage earmarked for other public improvements such as wastewater treatment, streets, buildings and parks.
A majority affirmative vote is required to adopt each charter change. The changes would take effect Jan. 1, 2012.

The Lakewood law department has prepared a citizens' guide explaining the charter changes and showing the language to be modified. The guide is available in the City Council office and may be viewed on the city's website by clicking here. Several election-related forums are scheduled in Lakewood throughout the fall at which these changes will be discussed.

For more information, please contact City Council at (216) 529-6055 or the Law Department at (216) 529-6030. 7

Lakewood Public Library Main Branch Auditorium, 15425 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107