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Lakewood City Council Gets Settled In To Govern

2020 City Council Swearing In Ceremony

As 2020 begins, Mayor Meghan George and Lakewood City Council are sworn in to start business. Mayor George was sworn in on January 1, and the four ward representatives were sworn in on January 6 (Ward 1 - Tess Neff, Ward 2 - Jason Shachner, Ward 3 - John Litten, Ward 4 - Dan O’Malley).  

Mayor George began the swearing in of City Council by introducing Judge Patrick Carroll. Judge Carroll went in order of the wards to swear in the four councilpeople. Each new councilperson brought a loved one up when they were sworn in to share in the experience. Ward 3 Councilperson John Litten’s daughter stole the show when she realized she was helping swear in her dad.  

President of Council & Vice President of Council

Once the swearing in ceremony ended, there was a brief recess before the first official Lakewood City Council meeting of 2020 would begin.  When the session began, Council at Large Councilperson Tom Bullock led City Council in the selection of President of Council. Councilperson Litten nominated Councilperson O’Malley which was seconded by Councilperson Bullock. There were no other nominations, and it was a unanimous vote for now Council President O’Malley.

Council President O’Malley initiated the process for the nomination of Vice President of Council and nominated Councilperson Litten.  Councilperson Bullock seconded. Similarly to President of Council, there were no other nominations and a unanimous vote for Council Vice President Litten.

Mayor George appointments

Mayor George made two appointments for City Council confirmation. She appointed Brian Corrigan as Law Director and Roman Ducu for Director of Public Works. Both individuals have a long history of service to Lakewood.


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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

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State Names Roosevelt Elementary High Progress School of Honor
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DeWine Nominates Cabinet Heads for DAS, DSA, OOD, DRC, Taxation, Appoints Numerous Senior Staff members
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District to Renovate Taft for Curricular Expansion, Central Office Home
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Lakewood’s Roosevelt Elementary Named High Progress School of Honor
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Mayor George's Inauguration Remarks

Mayor George adresses the packed room. (photo by Jacob Chabowski)

Thank you. Let’s extend a round of applause for the LHS musicians and Cub Scouts that were a part of the ceremony this afternoon. Thank you for taking time out to be a part of this special day for Lakewood.

First, I’d like to say thank you residents of Lakewood. I am honored by the faith you have shown in me and am ready for the work ahead. There are so many that deserve a thank you but I wanted to specifically thank my family. They have been my constant support system and I could not have accomplished this without them.

I’d also like to thank Mayor Summers for his service to our community and wish you well on this next phase. I also want to thank my friend, State Rep Mike Skindell for his service to Lakewood first on City Council and State Senate and now as State Representative but also for his role today as our emcee. Also a heartfelt thank you to a mentor--Lee Fisher--for his leadership as Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General of Ohio and currently as Dean of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and for performing today’s swearing-in ceremony.

This is certainly a full circle moment for me. Many know that my father was an inspiration to me, but Lee was also. I have fond memories of working on his campaigns.
Sixteen people have served as Mayor since the City of Lakewood’s incorporation in 1910. To my knowledge, I am the first person in Lakewood’s history to have seen her parent carry the honor and burden of this office and then serve as a mayor in her own right. I would be remiss if I did not thank my father, of course for all he sacrificed so that I could get to this moment, but also for the example he set for me so that I can succeed on behalf of this community for the next four years. Thank you, Dad. 

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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Lakewood Project Joins Escape - The Journey Tribute Band - January 24th

Lakewood High School's rock orchestra, The Lakewood Project, will join with the E5C4P3 - Escape - The Journey Tribute band for its Friday, January 24th concert. The concert will kick off at 7:30 pm in the Lakewood Civic Auditorium. The Lakewood Project and E5C4P3 will each do a set then join for a combined set as well. Tickets are $8 for adults and $3 for students, in advance, and $10 and $5 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the LHS Bookroom or by calling 216-529-4047.

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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

FAQs About March Levy Issue

1. What is on the March 17, 2020 ballot for Lakewood City Schools? 

Lakewood City Schools' Board of Education voted unanimously to place a 3.9 mill levy and 1.0 mill permanent improvement (PI) levy on the March 2020 ballot. The funds from this levy would help keep Lakewood City Schools strong and would go toward:

  • Adding STEM offerings to prepare students for their futures;
  • Expanding career and technical educational opportunities for middle and high school students; 
  • Keeping educational technology and other learning materials up-to-date; 
  • Retaining and recruiting high-quality teachers by paying them competitive salaries; 
  • Providing mental health services for elementary students;  
  • Expanding early childhood programs for our community’s youngest learners; and
  • Protecting our community’s investment by keeping all of our buildings, athletic fields, vehicles, and other assets in good condition.

2. How much will this levy cost a Lakewood taxpayer?

The levy would cost a Lakewood taxpayer less than $2 per month more than they currently pay, based on a property valuation of $100,000. 


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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Three More Listen & Learn Sessions With Dr. Barnes Set

The next Listen & Learn session with Dr. Barnes will happen on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 6 pm in the back room of Taco Tonto's (13321 Madison Ave.). Listen & Learn sessions are informal, one-hour chats with Dr. Barnes. The sessions are a great way to have any of your questions regarding the March levy answered. Dr. Barnes has added an additional session in February. Also to note, there has been a date change to the March session, which was originally publicized as occuring March 18. The new dates are:

  • February 4, 2020, 6 pm at the Main Library Auditorium
  • March 11, 2020, 6 pm at the Taft Center for Innovation, 13701 Lake Ave.
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Volume 16, Issue 2, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

LHS, West Shore Students Earn Scholastic Art Awards

Gold Key winner by Natalie Costello

Congratulations to students from Lakewood High School and the West Shore Career-Tech Media Art & Design who won highest honors among the 41 awards earned in the annual Scholastic Art & Writing Awards regional competition held in December. LHS and West Shore students won seven Gold Keys, the highest honor given, including two each by senior Natalie Costello and junior Nola Williams-Riseng.

Lakewood students were also well represented at the Silver Key and Honorable Mention levels. Nine students won 12 Silver Keys, including three by senior Jane Kalinowski, two by juniors Timothy Frolo and Cameron Krizman. Eighteen students earned Honorable Mention designations for their art.

Additional Gold Key winners are: Lakewood High art senior Patrick McCallum and Media Art & Design students senior Darnasia Shields and junior Willow Rosser. Gold Key winners move on to be judged at the national level of the 95-year-old competition. Nola Williams-Riseng photograph “Erimari” was also nominated for a special American Visions Award.

The Cleveland Institute of Art hosts the regional competition that recognizes creative achievement in 7-12 grade students in Northeast Ohio. The young artists compete for cash prizes, medals, and scholarship awards. A panel of local professional artists, art educators, writers, and writing educators jury the exhibit and select the awarded pieces from nearly 3,000 entries.

This year’s regional winners will be honored at an awards ceremony on January 18, 2020 at the Cleveland Institute of Art and their work will be on display in the CIA’s art gallery through February 1. Congratulations to all the winners and their teachers Dayna Hansen, Anne McQuay, Arline Olear, Autumn Sabin and Amy Sedlak.


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Batter Up! Tickets On Sale Now For “Loving Lakewood: All-Stars”

Here’s your chance to come out to the ballgame and root, root, root for the home team.

Tickets are now on sale for Loving Lakewood: All-Stars, LakewoodAlive’s annual winter fundraiser taking place Saturday, February 22, from 7:30 to 11 p.m. at the Lakewood Masonic Temple. Guests are cordially invited to don their favorite jersey and bring their ‘A’ game as they take to the gridiron for a sports-inspired celebration of the heart, hustle and teamwork that‘s built Lakewood into a community of champions.

Sponsored by Cleveland Property Management Group, Loving Lakewood: All-Stars features sports-themed food, drinks, décor and entertainment that will have you saying, “I don’t care if I never get back.” This limited-capacity event is expected to sell out, so act faster than a sprint to the goal line to secure your tickets by visiting

$100 Heavy Hitter Ticket
This grand slam opportunity includes all Big Leaguer Ticket offerings plus early entrance at 6:30 p.m., access to closer (first come, first served) free parking, open bar for the first hour, two drink tokens and a chance to claim victory in the VIP-only “Heavy Hitters Club” raffle drawing that will get you front-row access to the Lakewood big leagues.


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For The Modern Teen: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 99

Ricky Hell & The Voidboys - L'Appel Du Vide - Quality Time Records / Greenway Records - 10 songs - LP

This is either the second or third Ricky Hell & The Voidboys album (depending on whether you wanna count "Satan Of Cool," which had 8 songs and was cassette only– and actually, it could be the fourth or fifth if you say "Killed By Ricky" and "Hell Is Real" are Voidboys releases, since they do have that band on them and since they were combined to make up "Welcome 2 Hell," which was then rereleased as "Ricky Hell & The Voidboys" later. This band has the most complicated discography of any Quality Time group as far as I'm concerned.)  It kicks off with some kind of blaxploitation spoof before kicking into the opening song, "Life In A Northern Town Again," a nod to Dream Academy's 1985 release. Side A is made up of mostly the kind of things you expect: decent, usually catchy punk-pop. "It's Not Really You" is pretty good, as is "Strychnine" (which has what I think is a pretty cool melancholy clarinet line during the chorus, but it's so deep in the mix I'm not certain it's clarinet). Clarinetist Adam Spektor also does some good stuff on "She Always Knows What To Do"; he's at his best here when he's providing a melodic line instead of just the noise stuff, which feels unnecessary a lot of the time. Side B is definitely the winning side here. "Alaska" starts with an electronic kind of intro that gives way to an early '80s sounding post-punk/synth thing, which then abruptly ends and then the actual song, a slow and kinda sad one starts. Noah Depew plays lead guitar here and Kevin Roche (who I think was in Pack Wolf) adds a nice glockenspiel part. It doesn't sound like anything else here, and that's good. "We're So Vain" and "Burn The House Down" are both pretty good, catchy power pop/punk/indie rock type things, and along with "Romantic Comedy" remind you that Ricky really can write good, catchy songs. "Romantic Comedy" is the one that really sticks in my head here, and since there's no backing vocal credit for it, I assume that it's Ricky doing a falsetto, which is a new move for him, I'm pretty sure. "Amnesia" closes out the album with a typical Voidboys style punker, but with Ricky's usual soft and murmury vocal stylings. He's kinda buried in the mix here and the song also feels like it's over after about 20 seconds. I'm not sure it was the best choice for a final track, but there it is. I still don't really like the sound of this band (or maybe I just don't get it)– I don't like the drum machine, I don't like the layer of noise gunk or whatever you wanna call it on them, and sometimes the performances seem less than lively. I guess the band has an actual drummer now (John from The Roobydocks) and he'll be on the next release, so I'm interested to hear how that changes things– almost certainly for the better in my book. I know it seems like I'm always very harsh with this band, but it's because I truly respect all the guys involved and I know that they can make great stuff, so when they're making stuff that's less than great, it's frustrating. That isn't to say that this record is a waste of time or anything by any means; again, most of the songs on the second side are really good and there's a couple winners on the first side as well. By and large, I am a fan of Ricky's work and if you are as well, it's worth checking out. 3.33/5

(try a local record store)

Street Gurgler - Primal Business - It's A Jinx Records - 13 songs - LP, digital

Street Gurgler (with members of Spike Pit, Splat, Brainwashed California, and many other bands) make their studio debut here. They play a good very hard rock-influenced style of punk, with lots of space rock influence and just a touch of metal. It's pretty good stuff. The band is super tight and a lot of the riffs are killer ("Cat Nip" is a great example). I'm wondering if they got Mr. California a real synth to play on here or he just used his phone– either way, the synth sounds cool. The

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The Rockport Miracles-Part 4: Episode 19: “The Ballad of Derecho Dan” Continues

“…long before now, that river had been an open sewer. When it caught fire in 1969 the entire USA went ape. Do they think that was the first time it  caught fire? Shit, it was the 13th TIME! There is something to be said about a city that drinks from the same waters it craps in, I just haven’t got a name for it. No doubt some smart business guy will say it’s a good thing. If businessmen ever rule the earth, they’ll reduce us to serfdom within a generation and life will stink like never before.” (Excerpt dated 7/21/75 from Maynard Gridley’s “Manifesto with Cheese.”)

Little Dan found these and other assertions in the last testament of Maynard Gridley. The document was a rambling, sometimes incoherent declaration of principles and other things Maynard just didn't like about the world. He titled it, “Manifesto with Cheese.”

Two days earlier, Little Dan told Rowena that Maynard appeared to him in a dream and told him to use his boat for an unknown “mission.” Rowena’s faith in Maynard’s ability to come back and haunt someone was unshakeable. She directed the Three Joes to whisk Little Dan from his hiding place in Little Italy to the Cleveland Flats where Maynard’s boat was tied up. After locating it, Little Dan shook each of the Three Joes hands, said his goodbyes, and jumped onboard the vessel.

The boat was a 1959 Christ Craft 33’ Sports Cruiser aptly christened , “The Friggin’ A.”  The boat had been cleverly hidden astride an abandoned 19th century side-wheeler that some dreamer tried to turn into a floating night club. After the project went bust the old ship sat abandoned and rotting on the river for a nearly decade. Wedged in the shadow of the older boat and camouflaged by the usual river debris, “The Friggin’ A” could hide in plain sight.


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LPL Calendar Of Events

Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
Nonfiction Book Club
Main Library Meeting Room
Come and join the conversation with our newest book club. There are sure to be serious and thought-provoking discussions about many subjects inspired by these nonfiction works. Tonight we will discuss "This Land is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto" by Suketu Mehta. 

Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. (91 minutes) 
Lakewood Public Cinema
Film Series—Sam Fuller: Audacious Auteur: "The Naked Kiss" (1964)
Directed by Samuel Fuller 
Presented by Terry Meehan 
Main Library Auditorium
Kelly (Constance Towers) is a prostitute troubled by a traumatic experience. She resolves to give up her transient lifestyle and big-city pimp. She leaves her past behind and finds solace in the small town of Grantville, but this small town proves to be just as sordid as a big city. Terry Meehan continues his series Sam Fuller: Audacious Auteur, introducing each film with an original video followed by audience reaction and a lively discussion.

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Share the Dream - A Celebration Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For some children, being off from school on January 20, 2020, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, means sleeping late, playing video games, and watching television. The Lakewood Public Library is offering a meaningful alternative. Your child can still catch some extra shut-eye, however from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. they can take part in a program that will celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through stories, songs, and a craft. As part of the MLK Day of Service, participants will create cards which will be distributed to local nursing home residents. This artistic endeavor will brighten the day of a senior citizen and provide your child with a chance to serve others. The cards will be delivered to a local nursing home by a library staff member at a later date. Each child will also be given the opportunity to make a take-home booklet about the life of Dr. King. There is no need to register in advance. All school-age children are invited to participate in this program which will take place in the Main Library Multipurpose Room.

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The Magical World Of Bill Gang

Do you believe in magic? The Lakewood Public Library invites children and their families to The Magical World of Bill Gang on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. With a repertoire of numerous mystical maneuvers, this program will puzzle and entertain. Try to figure out Bill Gang’s secrets as he performs fascinating tricks and enchanting illusions. Children and parents alike will watch in amazement as magical events take place. Family fun and giggles will fill the evening. This interactive magic program will make you a believer. Families will enjoy this free show in the Main Library Multipurpose Room. You might even see a rabbit pulled out of a hat!

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Sherrod Brown Visits Lakewood

Senator Sherrod Brown recently visited the Bookshop in Lakewood to sign copies of his book, "Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America." More than 100 people attended the event, with the line to meet the senator stretching out the door at one point.

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Hayes Elementary Students Get Creative

Were you one of the lucky recipients of these handmade gifts?

The week before winter break, students from Hayes Elementary School finished up their 11th annual Holiday Craft Week. More than 300 students handmade five unique crafts. This year’s gifts included: Seasoning Salt, a Hat Ornament, Room Spray, a Necklace and a Photo Holder. 

Each student also wrote a holiday greeting card which will be sent to recovering troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Virginia and veterans at the Louis Stokes VA hospital in Cleveland.

Hayes Elementary and the Craft Week Team would like to thank all of the parent and grandparent volunteers who provided donations and their time to make this week a success. And a special thank you to Meghann McKay for her leadership for the past 5 years. Consider yourself fortunate if you received one of these handmade treasures this holiday season!

Susan Jarecke is a Lakewood implant, mother of four and a busy volunteer.

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Starr Gazer


Aries: Don’t be in such a hurry Ram for 2020, just follow your heart & enjoy the cool stuff that happens along the way, as you pave unforeseen roads on your new adventure, slow down…

Taurus: It’s time for the Bull to ignore all that chatter your Monkey Mind is throwing at you, be still, listen to the yearnings of your Soul, gain clarity, get crystal clear, then make your move.

Gemini: The Twins can have fun like nobody else, spread Joy everywhere you go this year, lather it on like butter, become the Orville Redenbacher of Joy for 2020, you’ll reap double.

Cancer: The Crab comes out of its shell this year, recognize your own beauty, own it, show it, be it…no more hiding under that shell, 2020 is your year to mingle & you’ve got what it takes.

Leo: It might be time to delegate some of those duties in that massive Jungle of yours Lion, this is the year to share some of that throne, there's no need for you to do everything, rest a little.

Virgo: Quit analyzing every detail of your life’s path & where you need to be, you’ve already arrived, no need to add any more to that way overloaded to-do list, get yourself a hammock…


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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Needy Hospice Family Receives Gift Card Donation From Local Business

The holidays are full of celebrations, but they can be stressful for family members who are caring for loved ones with an advanced illness. One local business is doing its part to make a difference. Helder Rosa, Vice President of Operations for Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted, visited Ames Family Hospice House in Westlake recently with a gift to make the season a little warmer for one local family receiving care from Hospice of the Western Reserve's Lakewood team. The dealership donated $350 in gift cards to Giant Eagle and Target. The gift cards will go to a "sandwich generation" caregiver who is not only taking caring of her children and grandchildren but serving as the primary caregiver for a dying family member.

Accepting the gift cards on behalf of the family was Khannah Wetmore, a social worker for Hospice of the Western Reserve’s Lakewood home care team, who is hand-delivering the gift cards to the family’s home where the hospice team is providing care and support. “She will be over the moon to receive this Christmas surprise,” Wetmore said. “This will not only help her with holiday expenses but assist with household necessities.”

Bill Finn, President and CEO of Hospice of the Western Reserve, expressed his gratitude for the donation. “We are so thankful for your partnership and graciousness in providing this gift to make this holiday more special for one of our families,” he said. “We care for nearly 2,000 patients each day. Most of our patients receive hospice care in their own homes, but we also provide care in facilities like Ames Family Hospice House for patients who cannot be at home. Support from our community helps our families celebrate life and spend quality time with their loved ones.”

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Tuesday Genealogy Programs At The Library

Do your New Year’s Resolutions include learning more about your family history? If so, Lakewood Public Library is the place to be.

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Edward Bolte will discuss using obituaries as a genealogical research tool in his presentation, The Changing Face and Future of Obituaries. President of the Western Reserve Historical Society Genealogical Committee, Mr. Bolte has conducted family history research for more than forty years.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Deborah A. Abbott, PhD returns with her popular genealogy workshop. Dr. Abbott shows fifteen students how to research their ancestors and how to use the in-Library resource, Ancestry Library Edition. Registration is required. To register, call (216) 226-8275, ext. 127. But you don’t have to wait for a workshop. Ancestry Library Edition is free for everyone to use every day at the Library.

Other online genealogical resources can be accessed from the library or from your home via the Library’s website. African American Heritage offers a comprehensive mix of resources specifically pertaining to African Americans. Fold3® Library Edition collects historical military records, including stories, photos, and personal documents. HeritageQuest® Online collects genealogical and historical sources from more than sixty countries, with coverage dating back to the 1700s.

Both “Data Mining the Deceased” and The Changing Face and Future of Obituaries take place in the Main Library Auditorium. Dr. Abbott’s genealogy workshop will be held in the Main Library Second Floor Learning Lab.

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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Lakewood Women’s Club Calling For Nominations For 2020 "Women Honoring Women" Leadership Awards

2019 Business Leader Ines Rehner (left) and Community Leader Heidi Murray

Lakewood Women’s Club (LWC) is seeking nominations for their annual Women Honoring Women Community and Business Leader Awards to showcase women who exemplify charitable service and economic enrichment within the Lakewood community. The nominees and winners of the Leadership Awards will be presented at the 4th Annual Women Honoring Women Event on Thursday, May 7, 2020, 6:00 PM at Georgetown Vosh.  

The Community Leader Award is presented to a woman who demonstrates excellence in leadership through deep understanding of the community and advancement of solutions to meet challenges within Lakewood. A Community Leader is someone who provides service to a charitable organization or multiple organizations that impact Lakewood. Heidi Murray was recognized as the 2019 Community Leader.   

The Business Leader Award recognizes a woman who reflects quality and dedication in the operation of a small business or who plays a key role in Lakewood’s economic advancement. A Business Leader uses her ideas and creativity to promote change within Lakewood, serves as a role model, and participates in community affairs and activities by contributing time, effort, and resources. Ines Rehner, owner of Sweet Designs Chocolatier, was selected as the 2019 Business Leader.

For more information on LWC’s Community and Business Leader Awards or to submit a nomination, visit Nominations are due by March 3, 2020.  


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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 2:29 PM, 01.08.2020

Lakewood Hospital Demolition Goes 57% Over Budget

As the year ends, Lakewood City Council and the Finance Committee had to balance the books from their 2019 spending and adjust the 2020 appropriations based on updated information. At the final Finance Committee meeting of 2019, there were several substitutions and changes that were discussed. The most significant changes were all involving the demolition and remediation of the former Lakewood Hospital site. Due to unforeseen issues around finding hazardous carcinogenic material (Perchloroethylene aka PCE) and the discovery of a creek bed that was unearthed during demolition, the project will require approximately another $3.7m in funds.

The discovery of PCE added several complications to the process. When workers noticed the faint, sweet smell they notified superiors who immediately got EA Group, Brownfield Restoration Group, and Buckeye Environmental Network involved. They quickly contained the material that had been dormant while the hospital was above it. While there is a sense of urgency around the removal of both solid and liquid waste, the recent rain made the collection more challenging. Additionally, hazardous waste sites will only accept up to twelve, forty ton truckloads a day. The environmental experts cited above are estimating over one thousand tons of material are at this site alone.

“Each passing day we learn more about the contaminants and our ability to address them moving forward,” stated Bryce Sylvester, Lakewood’s Director of Planning & Development. “We’re confident by the middle of January we will be in a place where we can provide a ‘no-action letter’ to Carnegie and finalize the deal.”

“The circumstances of the discovery are unfortunate, but it could have been much worse if it had not been found while the site was wide open with the necessary tools on hand,” stated Mayor Mike Summers. “The site is a Lakewood problem because the chemicals were used by the Lakewood Hospital and by Lakewood employees.”


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

2nd Annual End Hunger In Lakewood Day Raises Over $19,000

On Saturday November 16th, forty-three Lakewood restaurants and food retailers donated 10% of their food sales to Lakewood Community Services Center to aid in the organization’s work to alleviate hunger in Lakewood. The results well exceeded everyone’s expectations by raising $19,504 in one day – up from $11,800 for last year’s inaugural effort! 

“I cannot begin to thank the restaurateurs and food retailers who participated for the second year and the 12 new participants that chose to join the effort this year. We were thrilled by last year’s result, but to see a 65% increase in donations in just our second year is astounding,” said Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar and Grilled, who again spearheaded this initiative. “Donating 10% of food sales on a Saturday is no small gesture. This outpouring of support for needy Lakewood residents speaks to the generosity and community-mindedness of my colleagues in the food industry here in town. I am sure that hearing the staggering number of Lakewood residents living below the poverty level moved many to jump on board and join this very worthwhile effort.”

“This amazing donation will allow us to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables everymonth for all of 2020, which will have a huge impact on the wellbeing of our clients who rely on us for food,” according to Trish Rooney, LCSC’s Executive Director. “Our goal has always been to secure more healthy food choices to supplement the shelf-stable groceries we provide, but it is easier said than done. Fresh produce is not inexpensive and not always readily available. This incredible support will open up our options to buy product from a number of vendors in Cleveland who either offer us significantly reduced pricing or who rescue food from local farmers.” 

As was hoped, the event was another win-win. Many participating businesses reported a busier than ever Saturday as well as kudos from their customers for being one of the partnering establishments


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

One Lakewood Progress: How Affordable Is Lakewood's New Affordable Housing Policy?

Affordable housing has been on the minds of many Lakewood residents. Over the past two years, Lakewood has seen rents and property tax rates skyrocket during the city’s real estate boom. Many have demanded solutions from city council on rising property taxes, as well as equity of access to housing for lower income Lakewoodites. 

In response to concerns from the community, Lakewood City Council, on December 2nd, adopted a resolution to amend an existing ordinance (Ordinance 58.04). The impetus of the policy amendment, “fostering the investment and development of affordable housing in new multi-family and mixed-use construction projects in Community Reinvestment Area #1…[and] #2,” utilizes tax abatements to encourage the development of affordable housing in both single unit residential and multi-family and multi-floor residential units.

In the previous version of the ordinance, tax abatements were utilized by the city for renovations to dwellings containing no more than two family units and single condominium units.

One big change in the ordinance is language that sets rents for 20% of the units in *new* multi-family and mixed-use developments of 100 units or more based on a percentage of Area Median Income (AMI). The updated policy states that in these new developments, “(i) 10% of units be set aside for households making up to 80% AMI at the time of the initial lease and (ii) 10% of the units be set aside for households making up to 120% AMI at the time of the initial lease.”

The policy states in its own interpretive guidelines, that the AMI of Lakewood should be set at the median income of the Elyria-Cleveland Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

The Area Median Income set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the Elyria-Cleveland MSA, as of this writing, is estimated to be $73,700. That’s $25,000 more than the widely reported, and accepted, median income estimate for the city of Lakewood of $48,700.

Identifying this number is important: not only does it determine the relative affordability of the affordable housing units, but it also determines the rent charged and percentage of rent estimate relative to net take-home pay.



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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

The Magic Of Upcycling

Participants from last year's upcycling program display some of their creations.

Be future-friendly and make a New Year’s resolution to upcycle. Start by bringing your children to Lakewood Public Library for some upcycling fun! We will show your kids how to repurpose old unwanted clothing and keep them busy over winter break. Students in third through eighth grade are invited to join us for Upcycling: From Rags to Riches on Monday, December 30, 2019 from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. in the Main Library First Floor Multipurpose Room.

What’s upcycling? Upcycling turns old things into something new - which is basically magic! It’s taking an item that is no longer wanted or needed and giving it new life as something useful or creative. Children will learn how to transform old clothing into new treasures. Turn an old t-shirt into a strand necklace, infinity scarf or tote bag. Rework an old sweater into a slouch beanie with matching mittens to keep warm during the cold winter months. Participants learn more about the upcycling movement and then use their imagination to create unique wearable art.

No experience is necessary to participate in this program. Some materials are provided but registrants must bring an old t-shirt and/or sweater which will be cut up for upcycling projects.

Space is limited for this creative program and registration is required so sign up your children today. To register, stop by the Children’s & Youth Services desk at the Main Library, call (216) 226-8275, ext. 140 or visit, select the Youth tab and Programs for School-Age Students, then scroll down to the event and click on Read More.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Meet The Author Of “Abandoned Cleveland,” Jeffrey Stroup

Author Jeffery Stroup

A battered door hanging by an overburdened hinge; hopeless stairways no longer going anywhere anyone needs to go; a hobbled desk where decisions were once made in an office reclaimed by earth and sky – these are the remains of the forsaken buildings of Cleveland.

Jeffrey Stroup has documented these haunts before they inevitably disappear in “Abandoned Cleveland.”  The talented photographer will visit Lakewood Public Library on Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss his adventures in urban decay. 

Stroup and his camera have taken on the crumbling -- or non-existent – floors, the rotted ceilings and the rusting framework of disintegrating monoliths that stand like tombstones throughout our city.

So skip the ride on Lolly the Trolley and join us for Jeffery Stroup’s visual tour of Cleveland’s forgotten places. This special Meet The Author program will be held in the Main Lower Level Auditorium. Books will be available for sale and signing at the event.


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Barton Center Healthy Food Tasting A Hit

Still believe that eating "what's good for you" could not possibly be satisfying or fun? Ask those who attended the Barton Senior Center's "A 'Healthier' Taste of Lakewood" on December 4 for their take on it.

Barton welcomed locally owned restaurants as they delivered select menu items for guests to savor which they received free of charge. Participants included Aladdin's Eatery, Angelo's Pizza, Cleveland Vegan, Melt Bar & Grilled, Ohio City Burrito and Two Bucks. The event included Mayor Michael Summers discussing his initiative to make Lakewood the "healthiest city." It was sponsored by Oak Street Health, a primary care center for adults on Medicare.

"A 'Healthier' Taste of Lakewood" encouraged seniors to consider better nutrition as part of their wellness program. It was also designed to strengthen ties between city businesses and the community. Some who tried the offerings hinted that they now might be interested in visiting those establishments after becoming more acquainted with them.

PK McLellan, a Barton Center member, expressed her appreciation for all the edible samples. "Many of us don't get out, so it was nice they came to us." "The food was excellent," and "we loved it" were comments from others. Raves were given to Melt's "Vegetarian 4 Bean Chili" and Two Bucks' "Cauliflower Wings." PK summed up the afternoon's feast with "I can't say enough about it!"

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Autographed Copy: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt 98

Spike Pit - Animal Of Disrespect - My Mind's Eye - 13 songs - LP, digital

Spike Pit (featuring members of many other bands and a newcomer on vocals) make their vinyl debut with a full-length, an unusual and interesting move in the hardcore world. So I'm told, anyway. And it's a ridiculous one. Perhaps the stupidity wouldn't have come across enough on a 7". Musically, the comparison that first came to mind was the Inmates, so somewhere in that style of hardcore. Some of the songs sound a lot like Street Gurgler (particularly "Work Sucks"), but that's almost certainly just a side effect of them sharing a guitarist. The lyrics are pretty nuts. Spike Pit, or at least their wordsmith, are in favor of murder ("Murder," "Lil Sharpshooter," "Kill Bums"), robbing people ("Licks"), and hentai ("Hentai"). They are against cops, work, high school, bums, and fruits and veggies. You oughta know what you're getting into based on all that alone, but just in case: there's also a song called "Diaper Rash/Diarrhea." Did I mention this was a stupid record? Don't get me wrong, however, that doesn't make it a bad record. In fact, it's pretty good, especially when the rage is focused ("Ops" and "White Devil" are particularly good examples) or when it's completely juvenile but not in a way that detracts from it (for example, "High School" and "Lust"). And it ends with a mysterious voiceover that could only be producer Poopy Necroponde himself (and no matter how many times I hear them, "…animal of disrespect…spect spect spect…spect…" and the fake wind noises that are obviously a person going "whoosh" continue to make me laugh), what more do you need? Undoubtedly, this is not for everyone, but hey, I like it. 3.69/5

( for the record, for the digital)


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

LPL Calendar Of Events Compiled by Elaine Rosenberger

Thursday, December 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Meet the Author
"A Brave Face: Two Cultures, Two Families, and the Iraqi Girl Who Bound Them Together"
Book by Barbara Marlowe and Teeba Furat Marlowe
Main Library Auditorium
"A Brave Face" is the story of a woman who moved mountains to provide medical care for an Iraqi girl badly burned during a roadside attack. Barbara Marlowe’s determination to fight for her future daughter highlights the way love can reach across both cultures and continents. Marlowe overcame many obstacles to bring Teeba to the US for medical treatment—and to ultimately offer her a home. Books will be available for sale and signing at this event.

Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. (86 minutes) 
Lakewood Public Cinema
"Crossfire" (1947)
Directed by Edward Dmytryk
Presented by Barbara Steffek-Hill 
Main Library Auditorium
When a Jewish war veteran is found beaten to death, clues lead police captain Finlay (Robert Young) to unlikely suspects: a group of demobilized soldiers. The gang includes Monty (Robert Ryan) and Mitch (George Cooper). As the accused scrape together alibis, Finlay investigates the incident as a hate crime and is determined to find the real killer. Barbara Steffek-Hill presents a series of classic and contemporary films from her personal favorites.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

An Ancient Tale Retold: Discuss Circe At The Library

Discuss New York Times bestseller, "Circe," by Madeline Miller in a four-part course at Lakewood Public Library. 

A well-written and well-told story has the power to stand the test of time. In the Greek tradition, the ancient poetic epic "The Odyssey" by Homer remains the second-oldest surviving work of Western literature. Filled with tales of bravery, war, and tragedy, "The Odyssey" is a story of ancient mythology that has captivated audiences throughout the ages.

Homer’s epic is given a fresh perspective in Madeline Miller’s New York Times bestselling novel "Circe." The most infamous female figure in "The Odyssey" is reimagined and retold as Miller explores the life of the legendary sorceress best known for turning Odysseus’s sailors into swine.

Discuss "Circe" alongside selections from Emily Wilson’s translation of "The Odyssey" with Barbara Parr, an instructor with Case Western Reserve University’s Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program. This four-week discussion will begin on Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Main Library Multipurpose Room and continue on January 15, 2020, January 22, 2020, and January 29, 2020.

The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program connects the academic world and Northeast Ohio's wider community through innovative and engaging programming. Adults of all ages pursue their love of learning by participating in courses and lectures with internationally renowned scholars and local experts who share their cutting-edge research and current topics of interest. Instructor Barbara Parr received a BS from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters of Education from Cleveland State University. After retiring from teaching English and literature at Rocky River High School, Barbara now leads discussions throughout Greater Cleveland. 


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Comfort Dental Providing Free Care For All December 23rd

All Ohio Comfort Dental locations will be hosting their 36th annual Care Day Monday, December 23, 2019, offering free dental care to those in need.

All fifteen Ohio Comfort Dental offices will be open on December 23 from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Cleveland area patients can visit Comfort Dental in Lakewood located at 17500 Madison Avenue.   

“Every year we take time out to give back to the community and encourage people to check in on their oral health,” said Dr. Dave Wise, owner of Comfort Dental in Lakewood. “There is no better time than the holidays to provide free dental care."  

Beginning in Colorado in 1984, Comfort Dental has offered free dental care on Christmas Eve Day. Care Day was started as a way of improving accessibility to dental care to those in most need. On Care Day, all services are free to anyone. Patients are helped on a first-come, first-served basis receiving a variety of basic dental care from cleanings to extractions. More serious dental problems are handled on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the individual dentist. Nationally, approximately 300 Comfort Dental dentists and 1,300 staff members donate their time on Care Day.



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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Sunrise Rotary Sends Christmas Boxes To Nicaragua

Recently, the Lakewood Rocky River Rotary Clubs packed 75 boxes of school supplies, clothing and toys, and 10 Layettes to be delivered to Chinandega Nicaragua as part of Northern Ohio Rotary District program called “Children of the Dump.”  It all started over 15 years ago when several Rotarians followed up on an ABC TV program.  

The Rotary delegation noticed that children were going through a large local dump to salvage clothing and other items. A member of the delegation, Jack Young of the Rotary Club of Conneaut, came up with an idea for an International Service Project. Rotary Clubs and Rotary members from this Rotary District would collect items needed by the children and families in this area of Nicaragua and pack them in boxes about the size of a large shoe box. Now it is called the “Shoe Box” project by many clubs. Items are either purchased by Club Members or from fund-raising activities of the Club. They include school supplies, personal items like soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and tooth paste, and even an outfit of clothes, and some toys. Packing of the boxes are a Club social activity with children joining in to get experience with service work.

Several years ago, the purchase and packing of layettes for mothers of newborn children was added to the project. Blankets, towels, and personal items for the babies and mothers are packed in special Layette bags and are now shipped with the “Shoe Boxes,” and distributed to a maternity center near Chinandega. 

Boxes are eventually gathered from several areas of the country and for delivery to a port city. In a recent year there were 11 pallets weighing over 18,000 pounds gathered and shipped. To promote school attendance, only children regularly attending school receive a “Shoe Box.”


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Children/Youth Events At Lakewood Public Library

Art Connection
For students in kindergarten through fifth grade
Art activities let you express your view of the world. Create your own unique piece of art to take home and show off to family and friends. Registration is required.
Monday, December 23, 2019, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Main Library Activity Room.

Lakewood LEGO® League
For youth in kindergarten through fifth grade (caregivers welcome)
Use Lakewood Public Library’s collection of Lego® Bricks and your own imagination to create fabulous new structures and designs each month. No registration, but numbered tickets will be given out first-come, first-served.
Sunday, December 29, 2019, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the Main Library Activity Room.

Upcycling – From Rags to Riches
For students in third through eighth grade
Transform old clothing into new treasures by turning an old t-shirt into strand necklaces, infinity scarves or a tote bag. Discover more about upcycling and then use your imagination to create your own work of art. Some materials will be provided, but students are required to bring an old t-shirt and sweater to use for upcycling projects. Registration required.
Monday, December 30, 2019, 2:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Main Library Multipurpose Room.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Eastern Massasauga Snake Is Threatened In Ohio!

Have you heard of the Eastern Massasauga snake living in Ohio? I am speaking for this important reptile.

Save the Eastern Massasauga Snake!

Mrs. Gerg's class

Third Grade

Did you know that Eastern Massasauga snake is a threatened reptilein Ohio?

They need our help!

Massasauga rattlesnake are important in Ohio!

The number of the eastern Massasauga has been going down for 30 years and is due to wetland habitat loss.

Biologists say that less than half of the eastern massasauga’s populations still exist. 

If we continue to lose eastern Massasauga populations, the species will be extinct in the future.

Today, scientists believe 90 percent of the population will go down over the next 50 years. 

Eastern Massasaugas have been found in a different wetland habitats, including bogs, swamps, wet meadows, marshes, wet grasslands, wet prairies and forests. 

The Eastern Massauga snake will shift the habitats they use, depending on the season. Mostly, they use wetlands in the spring, fall, and winter. 

In summer, snakes migrate to drier, upland sites, ranging from forest openings to old fields, agricultural lands and prairies.

Massasaugas usually hibernate in wetlands in crayfish or small mammal burrows. 

Hibernation places are located below the snow line, close to the groundwater level. They need  water that does not freeze in winter. This is critical for their hibernation.

Massasaugas feed mostly on small mammals such as voles, moles, jumping mice, and shrews. 


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Volume 16, Issue 1, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Light Up Lakewood 2019 Spreads Holiday Cheer In Downtown Lakewood

Photo by The Lakewood Observer

Glittering lights illuminated Detroit Avenue, fireworks sparkled in the December sky and an aura of merriment filled the city’s downtown district. The holiday season is now in full-swing in Lakewood.

People from across the region visited Downtown Lakewood in droves on Saturday, December 7, to partake in the holiday tradition that is Light Up Lakewood. A large, festive crowd enjoyed LakewoodAlive’s 13th annual holiday community event celebrating the spirit of the season and the richness of the city’s vibrancy.

Sponsored by First Federal Lakewood, Light Up Lakewood 2019 kicked off with Lunch with Santa at Dewey’s Pizza followed by joyous musical performances at Lakewood Baptist Church. The festivities then shifted to Plantation Home, where Lakewood High School juniors Savannah Monroy and Mohamed Manaa were celebrated as Royalty Honorees of Light Up Lakewood. Savannah and Mohamed were both awarded $500 scholarships from owner David Stein in recognition of their outstanding service to the community.

Three features kicked off the evening’s main festivities. The Light Up Lakewood Beer Garden sponsored by Roundstone Insurance opened near the intersection of Detroit and Mars Avenues, welcoming guests to enjoy local craft beer in a unique, festive setting. The Holiday Market at the historic Lakewood Masonic Temple beckoned shoppers, and the Holiday Train sponsored by Laskey Costello and Paisley Monkey began offering rides aboard this beautifully restored classic trackless train.


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

District Expanding STEM Options

Lincoln students tinkering around in the school's new makerspace.

Lakewood City Schools is responding to the community’s desire for more STEM instruction in our District by boosting the opportunities for students in this area across all grade levels. Through community listening sessions and surveys conducted last year, this was one of our stakeholders’ top curriculum priorities.

While the successful Ranger Hub makerspace and Project Lead the Way engineering program of West Shore Career-Tech were serving our high school students, it was evident that more needed to be done at the elementary and middle school levels. In response, the District has developed a comprehensive STEM curriculum continuum for all grade levels that ranges from discover, to immersion, application and finally career and entrepreneurship.

This school year, our middle schoolers have already seen increased STEM instruction as students are required to take a STEM class one quarter each year. The District also re-aligned staff assignments to strengthen the STEM instruction and have increased funding to provide for new technology.

The District has also provided funding to each of our elementary schools to develop their own makerspaces – a place where students can make, learn, explore and share creative ideas using high tech tools or simple craft supplies. Makerspaces help build many of the competencies of our Vision of a Lakewood Graduate from critical and creative thinking to collaboration, communication and growth mindset.



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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Royalty Honorees Celebrated At Light Up Lakewood 2019

Royalty Honorees Savannah Monroy and Mohamed Manaa were celebrated during Light Up Lakewood 2019 on December 7 in Downtown Lakewood.  (Judie Vegh/OyVegh Photography)

A pair of young Lakewoodites received the royal treatment at Lakewood’s signature holiday community event. LakewoodAlive and Plantation Home announced Lakewood High School juniors Savannah Monroy and Mohamed Manaa as Royalty Honorees for Light Up Lakewood 2019 sponsored by First Federal Lakewood.  

Students chosen for this honor have demonstrated their love for Lakewood through providing outstanding service to the community. In addition to reigning over the Light Up Lakewood Holiday Parade on December 7, Savannah and Mohamed were awarded $500 scholarships courtesy of Plantation Home in Downtown Lakewood. Both winners have agreed to provide at least 24 hours of service to the community during the coming year.

This is the eighth year that David Stein, owner of Plantation Home and Cotton, and president of the Downtown Lakewood Business Alliance, has sponsored the scholarship. Stein states, “It’s an honor for us to encourage the youth of our community, and to thank them for their commitment to volunteerism.”

Savannah and Mohamed received their checks and sashes at Plantation Home and were crowned by the 2018 Royalty Honorees, Yusra Abdi and Tristan Rumsey, during the Lighting Ceremony as part of Light Up Lakewood 2019.

About Savannah Monroy
Savannah’s extensive involvement at LHS ranges from Help to Others (H2O) to athletics to participation in various student organizations.  In addition to volunteering for the American Red Cross and competing as a member of three Rangers’ sports teams (cross country, gymnastics and track & field), Savannah plays an important role in the Race and Diversity Club and in Model United Nations. Said Savannah in her application: “Being a leader of a club where people come together to discuss pressing issues of our society has been a big source of my growth...We all volunteer, talk, and take action when we feel it most necessary. That’s what Lakewood stands for – community through diversity.”

About Mohamed Manaa
Mohamed exemplifies leadership in many ways at LHS, serving as president of the History Club and vice president of the Lakewood High School Camerata Orchestra. He’s a proud participant in The Lakewood Project and volunteers his time with the May Dugan Center by helping to serve food to less fortunate members of our community. Said Mohamed in his application: “Living in Lakewood has afforded me wonderful opportunities to contribute to my community in the sense of encouraging community engagement and entertainment. I will forever retain the lessons that living in Lakewood has given me, and my only hope is that I am to continue contributing to my community.” 

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

LHS Students Integral Part Of Youth Council Creation

Lakewood Youth Council Task Force members Olivia Patterson (left) and Tully Worron.

When Lakewood High junior Olivia Patterson was asked by one of her teachers to apply for a new City of Lakewood task force that would be in charge of developing the city’s first Youth Council, Olivia jumped at the opportunity. “I really wanted to make a difference and youth don’t usually get the chance to make a change in the city,” Olivia said.

The new Lakewood Youth Council will officially launch in January but the hard work behind the creation of this exciting new advisory group for our city has been going on since April thanks to the dedication of Lakewood High students such as Olivia, who is the task force's chair, and senior Tully Worron, vice chair. Olivia, Tully and seven other current or recently graduated Lakewood High students worked with city officials to develop the framework of the new council including its guiding by-laws. The by-laws and council’s mission statement were approved by the city in July and City Council then appointed those students on the task force that were not graduating to become members of the Youth Council going forward.

Like Olivia, Tully knew right away she wanted to be involved from the ground up with the task force. “Growing up in Lakewood, the youth of the community never really had a voice, except to tandem off of our parents’ views and involvement. I am passionate in politics and have always been involved in local government through my parents, but I wanted to join the Youth Council so I could really have my own stake in the community.”

The task force members are now in the process of interviewing applicants for the remaining openings on the council to boost the group to 15 members. Members must be residents of Lakewood and can be in eighth grade through freshmen in college. Current members from the task force besides Olivia and Tully are Yusra Abdi, Siwita Ali Shah, Collin Hunt, and Tristan Rumsey. Class of 2019 members of the task force were Elizabeth Halko, Jack Hueter, and McKenzie Lane.


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Kindergarten Parent Info Night, Registration Coming In January

Kindergarten registration will take place at the Lakewood Board of Education’s new home at the Taft Center for Innovation, 15701 Lake Ave., by appointment only, starting on Thursday, January 16, 2020. Students must be 5 years old on or before September 30, 2020 in order to be age eligible to enter kindergarten. Registration materials can be found on this website under Student Registration. Registration is by appointment only.

After collecting all required documents and completing all pre-registration forms online, you will be prompted to schedule an appointment to register your child. If you have any questions, please contact the registration secretary by phone at 216-529-4279 or by email at


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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 1:34 PM, 12.18.2019

Thank You Lakewood: Let’s Create A Positive Future Together

It is a profound honor to begin the work of serving our community, as Lakewood’s next mayor.

I want to thank the voters who entrusted me with this great responsibility. Accomplishing things together, as a city, depends on the trust of residents.

Earning this trust through a positive, grassroots-based campaign was important to me, and I am very grateful to those who made it possible. Anyone who has worked on a political campaign knows that it’s a team effort. Every vote mattered, so every phone call, every yard sign, every piece of literature left at a door made a difference.

Bringing this community together will be my mission over the next four years. There’s a lot of work to be done, starting with the transition planning which I have been giving much attention.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged the decision to run, and to everyone who supported this campaign. I also want to thank all candidates who put themselves out there. Running for office is not easy, but it makes representative democracy possible.

I look forward to working with new and old colleagues, and engaging input from throughout our community in a 360-degree approach to the challenges ahead.

We can work together on priorities of public safety and sustainable strong finances, on open government and an inclusive community, and on a clean environment.

The next chapter for Lakewood is starting, and I hope you will be part of it.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Deck The Halls

The Lakewood Historical Society's annual Christmas Sale on the Grounds has everything you need for holiday decorating, entertaining and gift-giving. Everything to Deck your Halls and support a great community organization.

Spending the first full weekend in December shopping at the Nicholson House, Lakewood’s oldest structure, has become a holiday tradition for many savvy shoppers. If you’ve never been, you must come! Beautifully displayed new and nearly-new gift items, tree trimmings, decorations, wrapping paper and anything you need for holiday entertaining share the space with antiques, collectibles, vintage linens, glassware, silver and delicate heirloom ornaments.

Christmas Sale on the Grounds offers the opportunity to recycle treasures of the past, providing one-of-a-kind gift ideas. Donated by a legion of Historical Society supporters of all ages, the items reflect the treasures of the past 100 years and today. Relive your childhood with games, dolls and toys from days gone by, add to your Christmas village collection or find a treasured collectible. We have ruby red, snow white and patterned china to set the most festive table. Hundreds of ornaments and lights galore. If you're watching your budget, you can't afford not to shop here--don't miss this event! 


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Keep Lakewood Beautiful Recognizes 2019 Beautiful Home Winners

2019 Beautiful Home award winners

The 2019 Beautiful Home winners were recognized by Mayor Summers and Lakewood City Council during the November 18 meeting of City Council. Keep Lakewood Beautiful (created by City Ordinance in 1982) takes nominations throughout the summer and awards one winner from each of the seven city school districts.  

This year's winners were great examples of Lakewood’s beautiful houses. While all seven offer their own unique presentation, the common theme was they all started working on their homes through a love of gardening.

Bruce Moss of Norton Avenue poignantly stated, “No matter how big or small your area, you can take the ordinary; and with a little imagination, turn it into something extraordinary.”

Each of the winners offered some sage advice and were proud to contribute to the overall beautification of their community.  

April Hoy of Grace Avenue proudly stated, “Being recognized for something I love to do, something that adds beauty to the world, is really special to me.”


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Board Hears First Reading Of Resolution To Proceed With Levy

On Monday evening, the Lakewood City Schools Board of Education had the first reading of a resolution to proceed with the consideration of placing a 3.9 mill levy and 1 mill permanent improvement (PI) levy on the March 17, 2020 ballot. Due to responsible refinancing, sound financial practices, and property value growth, some of the District’s current debt service millage will be reduced, which allows the District to pursue this much-needed levy that will keep our funding stable.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Thank You, Volunteers! Please Come Back Dec. 13th & 14th!

A few of LCAC'S wonderful volunteers.

Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation counts on hundreds of volunteers to show up at our holiday food distribution events. The outpouring of helpers at LCAC’s Thanksgiving events did not disappoint! People of all ages helped sort, pack and deliver turkeys, stuffing, potatoes, frozen pumpkin pies, along with nonperishable food items to 300 households in Lakewood.  

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Lakewood Makes Commitment To Affordable Housing

A few weeks ago, Lakewood came under fire for its lack of solutions for low- and middle-income renters who are being pushed out due to the rising housing costs in recent years. While the article focused on the dwindling use of Housing Choice Voucher Program (aka Section 8), 289 in 2018 vs the 420 in 2013 (according to HUD data), it glossed over a lot of solutions the city offers. The city currently offers approximately 1000 affordable housing units with the assistance of all their programs combined.  

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Sounds Of The Season Coming

Everyone's favorite holiday concert tradition is back! Sounds of the Season will have two performances, Thursday, December 13 and Friday, December 14, both at 7:30 pm in the Civic Auditorium. Tickets are $5 in advance at the LHS Bookroom (call 216-529-4047) or $8 at the door.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Buh Buh Buh Buh Buh: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 97

Midnight - Midnight - My Mind's Eye - 4 songs - 12"

I guess the deal with this one is that the four songs here were supposed to be released as a 12" of this sort many years ago, but it never came to pass. They've appeared on Midnight compilations before, but never in their intended form…until now! I'll be the first to admit I do not know nearly enough about metal to make any particularly good comparisons here, but I think this is pretty good. The totally ripping opener "Lord In Chains" has some great shredding, it definitely rocks, it has hooks (not pop hooks, but memorable riffs and structure and all that stuff), and it sounds enough like Motörhead that I'm pleased (again, someone who knows more about this kind of thing than me could probably tell you 'it's not Motörhead, it's [some band that was influenced by Motörhead],' but not I). It's well-balanced by the slower, heavier "Strike Of Midnight." Side B has the spooky "Take You To Hell" (the part where he hits the first "when I take you to Hell!" and the music kicks in is especially awesome) which transitions perfectly into "…On The Wings Of Satan," another total ripper. Tell me you're not waving your fist in the air by the end of this thing. Good record. 3.666/5


Jim Shepard - Heavy Action - Ever/Never Records - 29 songs - 3xLP, digital

Jim Shepard is one of the big three of the Columbus underground music scene, at least according to that one Obnox song ("Ron and Rep and Jimmy Shep!"). However, whereas it's easy enough to find Quotas records or Great Plains or Slave Apartments or whatever, it is not easy to find Jim Shepard's. Outside of "The Room Isn't Big Enough" by Ego Summit (which has several very good Shepard originals), I don't know if there's any of Jim's music currently in print. Well, until this new set here. This really is a great summary of Jim's music. There's everything from very out-there experimental songs (both of the cuts titled "Music For Instr., Voice, Machine") to scalding noise-punk (most of the V-3 material here, like "Photograph Burns" and "Party at Fifteenth and Summit") to acoustic material somewhere in the tradition of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (both of whom get covered here, along with similar originals like "One Percent Of Nothing") to excerpts from voicemails he left for people (I assume Charles Cicirella, mainly, whose archive I believe most if not all of this is culled from). The first track is "Fuck The Clock," an Ego Summit outtake of a poem recited by Mike Rep. "Prom Is Coming," which was co-written with Robert Pollard, is a really pretty solo tune performed here live, accompanied by Mike Rep again. The 'banter' on the live tracks, as well as the voicemails, reveal something interesting about Jim Shepard's personality, I guess. I don't know, I don't feel like it's my place to say since I didn't know him or anything, but they paint an interesting picture. Just the way he very earnestly tells the audience on one of the V-3 tracks that if they could find his records anywhere, that'd be really cool seems very self-conscious but not quite self-effacing– same thing with one of the "Devil's Editor Messages," where he ponders whether someone covering his song is a good step, and then immediately decides it's probably better than the original. "Tabernacle Moneygun" is a good Dylan-esque folk tune railing against the selling of oneself to corporate interests, or something like that. Side 2 has three live V-3 performances (and a solo version of Leonard Cohen's "Seems So Long Ago, Nancy"), all of which certainly provide good examples of what "heavy action" means. They're heavy and abrasive and maybe even difficult at times, but there's something about them that puts them above lots of music like that. There's something more tuneful and, well, just more interesting about them. Jim's guitar playing on these is what everyone who plays this type of music wishes they good sound like– it just slashes through you. Even the heavy bass on "Photograph Burns" can't overpower the incendiary leads Jim plays throughout. The second record has a few dark, lo-fi, usually somewhat morose solo tunes: "Come Carry Me Down," "Star Power," and "Damage Control," for example. Not quite folk and not acoustic, but with the same raw feel as a solo acoustic performance tends to have.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

One Lakewood Progress, A New Column Serving The Policy Needs Of Lakewood Residents

Some who read the title might see the connection between the name of this column and the One Lakewood Place development being built on the site of the former hospital. If so, you would be correct. Cities “progress” through development and change, just as they “progress” in social and political thought over time. It is my belief that progress in our city should be arrived at together, with input, mutual cooperation, and deference to bringing our citizens full center into the policy process. This was how the idea for One Lakewood Progress was born.

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Volume 15, Issue 24, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

More Insects In Ohio? Let's Save The Indiana Bat!

Did you know there are many endangered species in  Ohio? 

Can you name them? 

I know that the Indiana bat is one.

I am the voice of this special Ohio mammal.

Indiana bats have been endangered since 1967. They have been rapidly dying for many reasons.

All should be stopped!

The scientific name of the Indiana bat is Myotis sodalis. Myotis means “mouse ear.” The Indiana bat has small, mouse-like ears.

Human disturbance of caves that bats use for winter hibernating is the first reason they have been dying.

During hibernation, they cluster in groups of up to 500 per square foot.

In some of the largest hibernation caves, 20,000 - 50,000 bats gather. 

If even one episode of human disturbance happens, many bats will die.



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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Rotary Prepares Beck Center Grounds For Winter

Members of the two Rotary clubs of Lakewood and Rocky River braved the elements to complete their annual cleanup of the planting beds at the Beck Center on November 9. Members raked leaves, trimmed bushes and performed general outdoor yard work. The clubs do a similar project at the Beck Center in early May.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Cox Communications Partners With Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corp. To Deliver Thanksgiving Meals To Local Families

Cox employee volunteers help sort food for donating to local families for Thanksgiving meals. 

$1,000 grant from Cox Charities provided to help LCAC deliver more holiday meals

With the Thanksgiving holiday drawing near, Cox Communications employees chose to partner with the Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corp. (LCAC) to help bring meals to local families in need. Cox employees helped sort food for 300 Lakewood families, and helped deliver meals to those in need.

The LCAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of under-privileged Lakewood residents. This has traditionally been accomplished by collecting food, raising funds, and providing volunteer services in support of our Thanksgiving and Christmas food basket events.

Cox employees live in the communities they serve, so it was a logical step to make to help ensure those families in need were cared for and supported during the Thanksgiving holiday. In addition, with plans to provide similar support in December, Cox issued a $1,000 Cox Charities grant to help acquire more food for the upcoming holiday season, and supplied fliers on Connect2Compete, a low-cost, high-speed internet program available to families with school-aged children who are enrolled in low-income assistance programs. 


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Lakewood High School Girls Soccer Ends Successful Season

The Lakewood High School Girls Soccer Team finished its 2019 campaign against Hathaway Brown in the second round of the Ohio Division 1 playoffs. After a very competitive game which saw the Rangers down 1-0 at halftime, the very experienced Hathaway Brown team pulled away later in the game to win 3-0. The resurgent Rangers ended the season 7-7-4. The team had exciting outings including a 1-1 tie early in the season against perennial powerhouse and eventual Section Champion Avon. They also tied cross-town rival St. Joseph Academy, 0-0 in a hard, defensive battle. The Rangers had key wins against Holy Name and North Olmsted.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

LakewoodAlive’s “Transportation For A 21st Century City” Community Forum Tackles Challenges, Opportunities

LakewoodAlive’s latest community forum drew more than 50 attendees to Harrison Elementary School.

They gathered as residents, neighbors and community leaders to discuss the present and future of transportation within our ever-evolving society.

More than 50 attendees ventured to Harrison Elementary School on Thursday evening, November 14, to participate in a community forum entitled Transportation for a 21st Century. Hosted by LakewoodAlive with assistance from the Lakewood City School District and Lakewood Public Library, this community forum offered insightful dialogue regarding how we can improve our transportation system to address today’s unique challenges, capitalize on changing lifestyle preferences and enhance quality of life for individuals without adequate access to transportation.

After introductory remarks from LakewoodAlive Executive Director Ian Andrews, moderator Michael P. Summers, Mayor of the City of Lakewood, oversaw a discussion covering a variety of topics, including the evolution of transportation within our society, best practices for urban mass transit, and transportation solutions ranging from expanded public access and walkable neighborhoods to biking alternatives and rideshare options.


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Light Up Lakewood 2019 To Illuminate Downtown Lakewood On December 7

Light Up Lakewood returns to Downtown Lakewood for a 13th year on Saturday, December 7.  Sponsored by First Federal Lakewood and presented by LakewoodAlive, Light Up Lakewood celebrates the season and the richness of our city’s vibrancy. This free, family-friendly event features a holiday parade, lighting ceremony, winter fireworks, Beer Garden, Holiday Market, Holiday Train, live music, ice carvings, hot chocolate, food trucks and children’s games. Visit to learn more.

Light Up Lakewood returns to Downtown Lakewood for a 13th year on Saturday, December 7.  Sponsored by First Federal Lakewood and presented by LakewoodAlive, Light Up Lakewood celebrates the season and the richness of our city’s vibrancy. This free, family-friendly event features a holiday parade, lighting ceremony, winter fireworks, Beer Garden, Holiday Market, Holiday Train, live music, ice carvings, hot chocolate, food trucks and children’s games. Visit to learn more.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Lakewood Tool Box Ornament Launched Just In Time For Holiday Season

Any Lakewood resident who purchases a Tool Box membership for the 2020 season by December 19th will receive a complimentary holiday ornament.

Give the ever-festive gift of home repair this holiday season.

In celebration of a successful inaugural season of The Lakewood Tool BoxLakewoodAlive announces a limited-time, special membership offer for its tool lending library. Any Lakewood resident who purchases a Tool Box membership ($30) for the 2020 season by December 19th will receive a complimentary holiday ornament depicting a wreath-adorned version of the Lakewood Tool Box. Secure your Lakewood Tool Box membership and holiday ornament now by visiting  

This same offer also extends to Lakewood residents who opt to become a “Friend of the Tool Box” ($50), whereby they secure Tool Box membership and also make a tax-deductible donation to LakewoodAlive’s Housing Outreach Program.

Each ornament is handcrafted out of cardstock paper to replicate the Lakewood Tool Box, which is housed in a shipping container located on the grounds of the Screw Factory in Lakewood’s Historic Birdtown Neighborhood.


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

A Brave Face: A Story Of Love

Barbara Marlowe is a determined woman. In 2006, a photo of an Iraqi girl in The Plain Dealer affected her so much she reached across the world, overcoming the obstacles of bureaucracy, time, distance and culture to help a severely burned child achieve a new life.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

LPL Calendar Of Events Compiled By Elaine Rosenberger

Thursday, December 5, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
Friends’ Preview Book Sale
Main Library Friends’ Book Sale Room

There is a special members-only preview book sale on Thursday, December 5, 2019 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Memberships may be purchased at the door for as little as $3.00. The preview sale is not a bag sale.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Children/Youth Events At Lakewood Public Library

Happily Ever Crafter

For students in sixth through twelfth grade

Beginners and pros, come create clever crafts with everyday materials! Registration required.

Sunday, December 8, 2019, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in the Main Library Activity Room.

Space is the Place: Star Clocks

For students in third through fifth grade

Explore the world before clocks, when people determined what the time was without them. Using simple materials, participants will construct their very own star clock, also known as a nocturnal, and discover how it can be used to map the changing of time by utilizing the stars as their guide. Registration required.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Main Library Multipurpose Room.


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Book Brothers Bookshop – A New Local Bookstore Now Open In Lakewood!

Book Brothers Logo

That is correct -- Lakewood has a new independent bookstore that is now open for business! “Book Brothers Bookshop” is nestled neatly among other favorite local destination right on Madison Ave., just west of Warren road. This unique little shop aims to be counted amid Lakewood’s growing scene of successful, independently owned businesses.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Meet The Author: Nicole Hennessy And The Poetry Of “Gypsy Queen”

Author Nicole Hennessy

Nicole Hennessy writes with a passion. As a journalist and poet, she has written for many local and national publications, co-founded the bimonthly art and literary magazine “Miser,” published the nonfiction book “Black Rabbit” and belongs to a community of poets actively creating and sharing their work in Cleveland.

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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019

Three Arches Foundation Awards Over $1.1 Million in Grants to NE Ohio Nonprofits

Three Arches Foundation, a community-focused grant making foundation, is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2019 grant awards recognizing sixteen organizations for their work in advancing the health and well-being of the people of Lakewood and surrounding communities.

“Throughout the strategic grant process, we were inspired as we listened and learned about the efforts of each organization to implement and maintain programs and services that reflect our priority area and geographic focus,” said Chas Geiger, board chair of the Foundation. “It’s a privilege to make these investments to support the advancement of solutions that address access to behavioral and physical health care for those who stand to benefit the most – our community.”


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Volume 15, Issue 23, Posted 12:41 PM, 12.04.2019