Fishing With My Dad

While coming home through the park on a 40-degree December afternoon from completing some errands. I noticed many anglers out taking advantage of the nice weather. I particulary noticed what appeared to be a father with his young daughter fishing on the bank of the Rocky River. This  sight took me back 50 years to when I was a young boy fishing on the banks of the Rocky River with my own father.

My father, who passed away thirty plus years ago, liked to take us fishing in the evening, then for an ice cream cone, if neighbor kids or friends were around he would take them too.

My Dad worked two jobs but always seemed to find some time to spend with us doing an activity we enjoyed like playing Baseball, Bicycling or Fishing etc. Sometimes it was not a lot of time, but he was available for us.

As I got older my pastime became golf. My dad was not a golfer, but encouraged it. I still fish when I have time, which is not often due to career and golf coaching demands. When I do fish I head for Lake Erie for Perch or Walleye or an Ocean Fishing Charter trip to chase the big fish I dreamed about as a young boy, but what I do miss and remember is the life conversations I had with my Dad on those fishing trips along the riverbank.

I thought about those not too long ago when a former golf student told me they quit playing, because it reminded them of their dad who traveled all week, came home on the weekend and played golf, not paying that much attention to the family, and they did not want to be in the same situation.

This former golfer had not been one of my students, but the recommendation I had for them was to make golf a family activity and spend time together learning and playing. If not golf, make sure you spend time doing activities with your family or just be present and create positive memories because your kids will remember either way.

In other words balance free time between personal time and family time. We need personal time but our families need to make positive memories with us as well.

This year I will fish again from the riverbank and remeber old memories and make new ones.

Gregory Norris is a 28 Year Corporate Security Professional and 16 Year Golf and Life Skills Coach with First Tee who enjoys writing.

Gregory Norris

I am a 28 Year Corporate Security Professional and 16 Year Golf and Life Skills Coach with First Tee who enjoys writing.

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Volume 18, Issue 1, Posted 10:15 AM, 01.05.2022