Blame The Chain

Beauty products are not showing up after they are ordered. Distributors of the products keep telling us "keep reordering." High gas prices, shipping from where they are made, then shipping from the beauty supply house, makes for higher prices. Things that took a week or two now take 5 weeks or more, or they are not delivered at all. 

When we asked our sales reps they told us that the companies are not getting the ingrediants that they need to even make their products, that explains a bit of this new  problem. So sometimes if the ingrediants are offered by another company just switch for now untill the desired products return is an option.

In the past we made sure we placed fairly large orders to keep the shipping prices per item lower and passed that on to our customers. Now that large orders come in a small box, we know the price is raised because we didn't get the products we ordered.

It is lucky that we ordered in August, we received many holiday items that we would not be seeing now. 

At our salon Carabel Beauty Salon & Store, we try to get the quality beauty products and accessories at good prices and hope that all of these problems end which, after over 50 years in business, we have never seen before.

Bonnie Fencl has owned a salon since 1969 and was licensed as a cosmetologist in 1964. 

Bonnie Fencl

 Bonnie Fencl owner of salon and woring cosmetologist licensed in 1964 salon owner in 1969 

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Volume 17, Issue 23, Posted 2:04 PM, 11.17.2021