What Does A Yard Sign Mean?

My vote is private. So is yours. We never have to disclose to anyone else who we vote for in any given election.

My yard signs, on the other hand, are a public statement about who I am supporting in the upcoming election. Signs in my yard say I am committed to these candidates, proud of their experiences and expertise, and confident they will do a fine job once elected to their positions. Signs in my yard are one of the most visible ways I try to persuade my neighbors and friends to join me in voting for candidates. 

I ask neighbors about candidates whose signs are in their yards. It’s one of the ways I learn about candidates. “I’ve worked with him for years: he’s very thorough and professional. I recommend you think about voting for him.”  Sometimes neighbors don’t know much about the person. “He came to my door. He was pleasant. He asked to put a sign in my yard.”  I ask, “will you vote for this person?”  “I’m not sure yet. I have to do more research.”

Yard signs started appearing in August for a November General Election because we had a primary election in mid-September. It narrowed the field for Lakewood City Council and Lakewood Municipal Judge, but our job as voters is not finished for this year and so the yard signs still have work to do too.  School board seats have been added to the next ballot. If your preferred candidate made it through the primary, he and she need you to keep your yard sign up for a while longer. 

Early voting starts Tuesday, Oct. 5th and Election Day is Tuesday, November 2nd.  We each have the right and responsibility in Lakewood to vote for up to three at-large city council seats, one municipal judgeship, and two school board seats. 

Yard signs indicate who a voter supports.  But yard signs don’t vote – you do!  Please remember to vote for the candidates of your choice.

Colleen Clark-Sutton lives in Lakewood and plays an active role in local politics and civic engagement.

Colleen Clark-Sutton

I live in Lakewood and play an active role in local politics and civic engagement.

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Volume 17, Issue 19, Posted 5:16 PM, 10.06.2021