Vote For Nora Katzenberger For Lakewood School Board

Nora Katzenberger

You may have seen a few gold-colored yard signs around town telling you to “Vote for Nora Katzenberger for Lakewood School Board.” I’m excited to tell you a bit about myself as you prepare for the election on November 2. As a parent of two students in the Lakewood schools, I want to use my professional communications background and extensive volunteer experience to bring new energy and ideas to our schools. 

I have been a very involved volunteer in our schools since 2013. I value the role our teachers and schools play in helping all of our children to realize their full potential. I am fortunate that the excellent public school education I received in Parma prepared me for the competitive challenges at the University of Pennsylvania. I want Lakewood students to continue to have the same opportunity to realize their full potential.

As Chair of the 2020 Lakewood School Levy campaign, I worked side by side with administrators, teachers, parents, students, and community members to secure our schools’ healthy financial future with the support of 77% of Lakewood voters. My involvement in the campaign, as well as my role as an active parent volunteer, allow me to have a more personal understanding of what happens in our schools, and the people and programs that make them great. 

I have worked in public relations and communications at the Bank of New York and New York University, as well as in fundraising at University Hospitals of Cleveland and web creative management at Progressive Insurance. I will use my extensive background as a communications professional to improve communication among teachers, students, administrators, the board, and community members, so that everyone feels heard. I will work to analyze the transformative educational experience of the past two years and use the knowledge we’ve gained to leverage new technologies and address learning differences so that every child receives the education they deserve. I will advocate to ensure that the values of diversity and inclusion that we value as a community are supported through our school policies and the way they are administered, so that every student and teacher can feel safe and can be their true selves.

As a parent and volunteer in Lakewood City Schools, I have put these ideals into action. I have raised money for school programs and equipment, helped found an LGBTQ+ parent group, designed a “maturation unit” program that provides equitable health and body development education to fifth graders throughout our district, served on the gifted program committee, helped establish STEM-friendly maker spaces at every Lakewood school, connected our CHAMPS program with the Beck Center for art-based special educational opportunities, and much more. Outside of the schools, I have served on numerous boards and committees, including the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), where we heard proposals from community groups and distributed federal block grant funding. As part of CAC, I helped increase funding for child care credits and domestic violence advocacy, programs that support causes that are important to women in our community.

Most important, I have a fresh perspective and new energy to apply to service on the Lakewood City Schools Board of Education. I have a sense of urgency about the issues facing Lakewood schools, because my own children walk those halls every day.

The past few years have been a transformative experience in education. Your vote for me on November 2 would be a vote for fresh ideas, new energy, and innovative leadership. Our students, teachers, families, and community deserve it! 


Nora Katzenberger, candidate for Lakewood School Board. Parent of two Lakewood students. Chair of 2020 Lakewood School Levy campaign. School and community volunteer.

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Volume 17, Issue 19, Posted 5:16 PM, 10.06.2021