St. Augustine Health Campus Volunteer Opportunity

Imagine having a medical appointment, being confined to a wheelchair with limited function and a transport company drops you off and picks you up later. You are there alone, with some  sight, hearing or cognition limitations and no family to go with you. You might not be able to understand the doctor and when your appointment is over, you are just sitting alone, hoping that they didn’t forget about you.

Resident Escorts accompany our residents from the nursing home to their appointment and back. Resident escorts are often the feet, hands, eyes, ears for the resident and make them feel safe and secure when away from their familiar surrounds. We are seeing an increase in the number of off-site medical appointments since COVID shut things down last year.

Resident appointments are usually scheduled a few weeks in advance.

We reach out to Resident Escorts to see if you are available on that specific date and time. If so, you will meet a resident here at St. Augustine, ride with them in the transport van and stay with them throughout their appointment. When you return, you will escort the resident back to their room and give any paperwork and any details you are aware of from the appointment to their nurse.

Most appointments times are in the early part of the day. Length of appointments can vary.

Contact the Volunteer Dept. at 216.939.7602 or

Dana Carns is the Director of Advancement for the St. Augustine Health Campus.

Lia Serpico

Dana Carns

Director of Advancement

St. Augustine Health Campus

7801 Detroit Ave.

Cleveland, OH  44102


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