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I launched my first campaign for Lakewood City Council four years ago at St. Charles Green, an informal greenspace across from my house. And I was honored when Lakewood voters selected me to be their representative. This year, I decided to run for re-election for the same reason I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life—because I want to help the best I can to create the most good for the most people.

First and always, I have a passion for helping people and have dedicated myself to constituent services. I am available and responsive to all those I serve because people need a direct line to the government that they rightfully own. Those that know me well know that I often say: I have one phone number, it’s my cell, call me any time. I have the most open of open-door policies. And people know when they call me, I pick up, and I’m there for them.

Through honest dialogue, we can address small problems and large ones, and we have done so. We committed the city to 100% clean energy. We instituted the Lakewood Tree Education Advisory Board to engage the city in rebuilding our tree canopy. We developed a lead abatement education program, and we ended breed-specific legislation. We implemented a $15 minimum wage for all city employees and created an affordable housing strategy. We dedicated a brand new park for the first time in decades, invested $50 million into our wet weather infrastructure, and dedicated over $3 million to park improvements, all while balancing the budget.

I am especially proud of some of the initiatives which have promoted preservation, sustainability, and transparency.

For a government to function on behalf of the people, it must be transparent, accessible, and accountable to all residents. That’s why I prioritized reforming our public records policy and adding a public records portal to the city’s website. Because of these efforts—which earned the Ohio auditor’s highest rating for open and transparent government—the people of Lakewood can now know exactly where to obtain their public records and can get them in a timely manner.

When I announced my first campaign in front of St. Charles Green, I made a commitment to protect the environment, including protecting green spaces in our community like the one where we gathered that day. I worked with the community and passed legislation last year to protect that area and create the city’s newest public park. We dedicated this park to one of Lakewood’s heroes, Bernice Pyke, who fought to get women the vote and became one of Ohio’s first woman elected officials.

The residents of Lakewood recognize that responsible and renewable energy is good for the environment and our city’s bottom line. Working with my colleagues and the community, I helped lead efforts to commit our city to 100% clean, renewable energy for city facilities by 2025 and community-wide by 2035. Shortly afterward, we added 650kW of solar to power to four city buildings.

These examples of progress in our community, along with many others, provide tremendous momentum for the future. One more initiative I am excited about is our Climate Action Plan. It will allow us to fulfill our clean energy commitment and continue to serve as an example of progress for the rest of Ohio.

I am humbled and honored that voters chose me to represent them on Council. Together, we have accomplished much in the last few years, but my pledge to work for a better Lakewood for all continues. The opportunities to build upon what we’ve done and forge an even brighter future for our city and all of our residents are exciting. That is why I am running for re-election to Lakewood City Council, and I ask for your vote.

Tristan Rader is a Lakewood City Council Member At-Large and is running for re-election in the September 14 primary. He can be reached at 440-315-2852.

Tristan Rader

Tristan Rader is a Lakewood City Council Member At-Large and is running for re-election in the September 14 primary. He can be reached at 440-315-2852.

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