Keep Sarah Kepple!

My name is Sydney Heckeler and I just turned 18. Although I don’t feel like an adult (outside of now being able to buy lotto tickets when I flash my ID at Giant Eagle), I now have the privilege and right of being able to vote. This upcoming local election I know that I will be voting to keep Sarah Kepple on Lakewood City Council.

Since my freshman year at Lakewood High School I have been involved in the promotion of social activism and civic engagement both in my school community and Lakewood at-large. The last three years, my fellow alumni Izzie Bryson and I have hosted Voter Registration Drives during school lunches with the help of the Lakewood League of Women Voters, Action Together Lakewood, and Sarah Kepple. A huge part of what made these pushes to register our peers so successful was the representation from these two groups and the help that these women provided. If Sarah were to have even half of the passion she has had helping me, and my fellow students, become more engaged with our community and to our civic duty in her role on City Council she would still be better than most representatives -- good thing she always puts in the effort of 110% for everything she does! 

I think that it is in the best interest of Lakewood as a community to keep Sarah on City Council. Not only has she shown herself to be a proponent of increased council engagement from regular citizens over her term, but she has actively served her community in any way she can both when she has served on City Council and before. I hope that other voters in Lakewood can see how important Sarah Kepple is to making our community and city a better, more friendly, and supportive place to live, work, and play.

Sydney Heckeler

Sydney Heckeler

I am a graduate of Lakewood High School (Class of '21) and I am attending the Ohio State University in the fall.

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Volume 17, Issue 16, Posted 9:20 AM, 08.19.2021