District Revises Return-to-School Plan

When the District leaders developed its plan for the 2021-2022 school year as it relates to the pandemic, they did so with the data and information that was current at that time. On July 30, when our plan was communicated to families, our county was considered to have only moderate transmission of COVID-19, according to levels determined by the Centers for Disease Control. Since that time, cases in the county have increased to the level of substantial transmission and case counts continue to rise. Of particular concern is the rise in cases among children that the delta variant spurred.

With that in mind, on August 9, the District revised its mask policy for the Lakewood City Schools. Starting August 10, the District now requires all students and staff to wear a mask indoors, except when eating. This is a change from the first plan, which had masks optional for grades 6-12 and required for PreK-5

District protocols and strategies for the 2021-2022 school year:

Masks: Required for ALL students and staff indoors except when eating or drinking.

eLearning Option:

Families who are not comfortable with their student(s) returning to the classroom may choose our eLearning LKWD option. This is a full-time blended learning program administered by Franklin School of Opportunity. Students work from home on lessons but will be required to meet in-person 30 minutes per week with District staff. Those interested in this option can call 216-529-4037 for more information.

Building Safety Protocols:

Custodial staff will continue to thoroughly clean and sanitize our buildings with special focus on high-touch surfaces. Other protocols that will be in effect include:

  • Masks required for all students and staff

  • 3-foot physical distancing when possible

  • Hand sanitizer available in every classroom

  • Cleaning supplies to sanitize work areas will be available throughout the day

  • Bottle-filling stations on all water fountains. Students should bring a water bottle to school.

  • One-way hallways/stairwells when possible

  • In addition to their daily/weekly checklist, custodial staff to use daily log for facility/restroom cleaning/disinfecting of high touch surfaces using CDC/EPA-approved disinfectants throughout all shifts

  • HVAC modifications: reduction of recirculated air, increase of outside air supply & installation of higher MERV-rated air filters.

Suspected Illness Protocol: 

We will follow these steps if a student or staff member has suspected COVID-19 symptoms or feels ill during the school day:

  • If a student or employee displays COVID-19 symptoms at school or during work, he/she will immediately report to the building’s health center where they will be assessed by our nurse or health aide.

  • The student or employee will leave campus if COVID is suspected and be recommended to seek medical attention.

  • If a student becomes ill during the school day, a parent/guardian must pick up their child from school.

  • The custodial team will begin disinfection procedures.

  • If a person displays a symptom/s of COVID-19 they should be isolated at home and contact their physician to determine if testing is necessary.

  • All positive cases are to be reported to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) by the physician, testing agency or school district as required.

  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must inform your school office. You may return to school/work when the quarantine period has been completed. Please report positive COVID cases on our Student COVID Reporting Form. The form will reside on the front page of our website throughout the year. 

Conditions related to COVID constantly change. Although the District plans to reassess its plan midway through the first quarter, the administration may need to alter the plan at any time.

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