The View From Council

March 15th City Council Meeting Rundown Council passed a resolution honoring Tina and Michael Dolatowski for the 25th Anniversary of Lion & Blue. The Dolatoskis opened Lion and Blue on February 6, 1996 and the shop has been a mainstay of Detroit Ave ever since. For the past 25 years, Lion and Blue has prided itself on being socially responsible, with the Dolatoskis investing in our community and promoting Fair Trade and environmental justice. We are lucky to have such a wonderful store and such community focused owners and I look forward to eventually celebrating Lion and Blue's 50th anniversary!

Council unanimously passed the “Pay to Stay” ordinance introduced by Council President Dan O’Malley. This ordinance allows renters to avoid eviction if they provide their landlord with the full rent, including late fees, and court costs prior to an eviction hearing. This ordinance was introduced with a provision that the ordinance would only be applicable during the state of emergency due to the pandemic. After considering comments from the community and advocates, Council amended the ordinance to sunset at the end of 2022. Prior to this date, Council will review the legislation and determine if it should be made permanent.

Mayor George requested that Council extend the Temporary Outdoor Dining Resolution through December 31, 2022. I originally introduced this resolution in May of 2020 to provide restaurants more flexibility with outdoor seating to offset the loss of indoor dining seating due to social distancing guidelines. The resolution currently expires once the state of emergency is lifted. Mayor George has requested that we amend the resolution to sunset on December 31, 2022 to prevent the abrupt end to the outdoor dining permits granted under this resolution. I support this extension and I look forward to exploring what outdoor dining variances we can make permanent at a future Housing, Planning, and Development Committee meeting.

The Director of Public Works, Roman Ducu, reported that the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District’s Community Recycling Awareness grant program awarded Lakewood $6,000. Lakewood’s Refuse & Recycling Department plans to use this grant, along with an additional $6,923.32, to produce and deliver 29,000 magnets depicting current recycling requirements.   COVID-19 Vaccinations Ohio has been progressing through the vaccine distribution phases. Beginning March 19th, vaccinations for Phase 2C began. This phase expanded eligibility to include Ohioans ages 40+. Ohioans 16+ will be eligible beginning March 29th. For the latest information and resources on vaccine distribution, please visit: To find out where you can get the vaccine, visit:

Notably, the Wolstein Center is a mass vaccination site in Ohio, serving 6,000 people a day. In addition to using the link, you can call to schedule an appointment at the Wolstein Center: 833-427-5634

Volume 17, Issue 7, Posted 7:32 PM, 04.07.2021