Message From Superintendent Barnes

The new quarter began this past Monday. Here is the information parents need.

March 15: Fourth-Quarter Learning Plan Begins

All in-person students will begin attending school everyday, Monday through Friday, following their regular school schedule. Remote 2.0 students will continue to follow their regular schedules. eLearning students will continue as they have been. A summary of our building safety protocols are below: 

  • The District has purchased plexiglass shields for both students and staff.
  • Mask wearing remains mandatory.
  • Varied classrooms sizes mean some will have 3 feet instead of 6 feet spacing.
  • Adjustments have been made in cafeterias to maximize spacing during lunch.
  • Buildings are equipped with hospital-grade air filters and are configured to pull in more outside air to reduce the amount of recirculated air.
  • Students will be required to be in attendance for all classes daily.


  • Health assessment, including temperature, at home before entering school
  • Face coverings required for staff and students
  • Physical distancing guidelines followed with 3-foot separation
  • Hand sanitizer available in every classroom
  • Cleaning supplies to sanitize work areas will be available throughout the day
  • Lunchroom space expanded to other areas if necessary
  • Water fountains closed - students will be able to bring water bottles and filling stations will be available
  • No visitors or volunteers
  • No shared student supplies
  • One-way hallways/stairwells when possible
  • No field trips
  • No large group student events
  • No access to student lockers (students will be able to carry backpacks)
  • In addition to their daily/weekly checklist, custodial staff to use daily log for facility/restroom cleaning/disinfecting of high touch surfaces using CDC/EPA-approved disinfectants throughout all shifts
  • HVAC modifications: reduction of recirculated air, increase of outside air supply & installation of higher MERV-rated air filters.

Students selecting in-person instruction will not be permitted to Zoom into class and are expected to be in class daily. (COVID related quarantine is exempt from this rule)

Please contact your child’s House Principal if you would like to change learning modes (remote to in-person or in-person to remote)  by March 12th.  No changes to instructional learning modes will be made after the start of the fourth quarter. 

Volume 17, Issue 7, Posted 3:04 PM, 03.17.2021