It's Time The Postal Service Fired Its Lakewood Station Manager

One can always tell when the regular mail carrier for Route 15 has the day off. Despite repeated letters to the Station Manager at the Lakewood Post Office, the substitute carrier continues to leave letters addressed to other houses in my mailbox. Some of them are addressed to houses on a different street. 

     As a former Navy officer, I offered solutions including retraining, sending a supervisor out with the substitute carrier to insure the substitute carrier checks the mailpiece's address before leaving mail on the box - and I put a sign on the inside of my mailbox with my house number on it. 

   On January 20, the substitute carrier left another piece of mail addressed to somebody else in my mailbox. Writing the Station Manager of the Lakewood Station, the Postal Service Help Line, and the Postmaster General has not convinced anyone to permanently solve the problem. Regretfully, it appears postal management isn't interested in fixing this continuing issue. 

    While the Postal Service was swamped with holiday mail, this problem began last summer - long before the holiday rush. If the Postal Service expects help from the taxpayers, its management needs to be more responsive to taxpayer concerns. Please note that I wrote "management" - not "leadership," because I've yet to see any leadership vis a vis this continuing issue.  

     If you have concerns about the Lakewood Station manager's apparent lack of interest in responding to taxpayer concerns, please join me in expressing a concern to The House Committee on Postal Oversight and Reform, 2157 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515. 

     Since the Lakewood Station Manager doesn't appear to be interested in seeing that his or her employees do their jobs correctly, it's time for him or her to retire. Or be fired. 




Bob Soltys is a former Navy officer.

Volume 17, Issue 3, Posted 3:04 PM, 03.17.2021