Betty Rozakis Brings “Fire and Ice” To The Beck

Betty Rozakis with "Fire and Ice," a thank you to the Beck Center.

Betty Rozakis, Lakewood writer, artist, and Graphology scholar is best known to Lakewood Observer readers as our Handwriting Expert. Betty studied Graphology at the British Academy of Graphology where she graduated in 2004.

Many know her as wife, mother and grandmother to a great family located in the far north west corner of Lakewood. One the past 4 or five years we have seen her emerge, or a better term would be re-emerge as an artist, now mastering many different mediums.

While there is not much good on social media these days, watching artists as they perfect their craft is one of the bright spots. Watching kids emerge as writers, musicians, artists and photographers always makes me smile. Nothing better than fresh new talent with a pedigree. The other fabulous aspect of social media is watching others rediscover their passions. Betty falls into this camp. Online you can see her blossom in the not so easy world of glass art. In this new field Betty has handled all different complexities of working with glass, much of it learned at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where she graduated in May.

This piece was developed especially for the Beck Center. In it she used drawings from art Life Drawing classes at the Beck Center. “Because of my classes in art and creativity at the Beck I was able to build my portfolio and finally get into Cleveland Institute of Art, a lifelong dream.” Without the Beck, none of this would have been possible.

Decals from drawings she had done at Beck Center in 2010 were incorporated through the use of special decals. Then the panels were fired again. Other panels were created with Betty using glass powder and Exacto Knives. Finally the 10” by 10” panels were referred again with a clear glass layer. 10” x 10”, the final piece is 43” x 65” hung on the wall of the large meeting area at the Beck. This is a perfect place for Betty’s latest because not only does the Beck Center have a great history of showcasing local artists in every field, they offer great space to impress and motivate others.

Speaking with some friends at the Beck it's clear that the times of COVID have been tough, but the school (now redesigned for safety), and some grants from groups like Three Arches have helped to sustain one of Lakewood’s greatest treasures. Please consider supporting the Beck Center now in these difficult times and in the future. Support is easy and ranges from buying Chocolate Bars on their website made by Sweet Designs with 100% going to the Beck to leaving a bequeathment in your will, and everything in between.

With that background we give you…

“Fire and Ice.”

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 17, Issue 6, Posted 7:31 PM, 03.03.2021