Lakewood Fire Department Gets Cold For Us

There are many reasons to live in Lakewood, the best location in the nation, but one of the best is Lakewood’s Fire, Police and City Services. I mention them together because I have lived elsewhere, I have projects in other cities and Lakewood service departments are the best. Today we are calling out and covering one of my favorites, the Lakewood Fire Department and their Ice Rescue practice.

Lakewood has over 4 miles of waterfront if you add up the lake and the river. Lakewood Fire Department covers it all. They have a series of boats, sleds, rafts, etc. to handle everything from a person over the cliff to a boat on fire a mile offshore. They also help out from the Cuyahoga River to Huntington Beach in an agreement with the surrounding cities and Homeland Security. While all of this is interesting, we have to add in one little addition-- it's year round. So for every person that falls over the cliff, another person slides over the cliff. Instead of a boat on fire a mile out, we have a group of people on ice that broke away or broke through.

So when the Fire Department saw the lake freeze and the temperature drop to 17 degrees and below, it was decided to practice ice and water rescues. The reason the Lakewood Fire Department is so good is that they never stop practicing.

So, everyone in the water! You know, the icy water that was consistantly freezing over as they practiced. Since starting this project I have grown to understand first hand what first responders go through. It is truly a high pressure job with possible life and death situations with every call.

Thank you, Lakewood Fire Department, I cannot believe how eager everyone was to jump in that water!

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Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

Volume 17, Issue 5, Posted 4:13 PM, 02.17.2021