An Invitation To Practice

Nicole Tera Jeet

Hello dear friends and fellow humans. My name is Nicole Tera Jeet. Tera Jeet means she who overcomes all obstacles in realizing she belongs only to God. God here refers to the loving nature that exists within all beings and the source of all life. In honesty, I have belonged to many things. I have belonged to parents, to friends, to lovers, to food, to mind altering substances, to work, to emotions, to thoughts, to ideas, to obsessions, to approval of others, and to controlling that which lies outside of me. All of these alienate me from a sense of embodiment and fulfillment. I am humbled to have found a practice that supports me in strengthening my body, mind, and heart so that I may show up in conscious ways for my community. The practice of yoga goes beyond the physical aspects of moving the body. It is a way of raising awareness of self to be of better service to others. It is a way of living from the space within us that is rooted in loving nature. 

The source of life that supports not only me, but every being in existence-- my fellow humans, animals, plants, earth, and universe-- is to what I truly belong. I share these teachings and hold space for others with Kundalini Yoga classes. The classes I offer focus on the relationship we carry with the life force within us and all things. The repetitive movements done in Kundalini Yoga invite us to reconnect with our own rhythm. A tool to help us listen to our unique song-- the one we knew so well as children. A teacher once told me that my soul's favorite sound is the sound of my own voice. That one really stuck with me-- the idea that my greatest desire lies within me. Once we know our song we can experience being part of the symphony of the collective.

When we learn to listen to ourselves our song no longer strives to be any louder or quieter than anyone else's. It feels the beauty of its belonging, as it is, with the belonging of all the others. If this resonates with you feel free to reach out to me through email: or seek me out on Facebook @ Nicole Nazario. My classes are currently held through zoom online. I look forward to the warmer days, when it is safe for us to do so, to practice outside with Mother Earth. May all beings be well and know that their presence is the greatest gift of all. 

Nicole Nazario

A fellow human. 

Volume 17, Issue 3, Posted 11:15 AM, 02.03.2021