Things Happen And We Want Change

So, tonight, January 6th 2021, is a day that will go down in infamy-- tells me Chuck Schumer, who, at this late moment of the day will be the Senate Majority Leader, quite soon. But--will it?

Not because what happened with people storming the Congress isn’t in its way historical, but rather what is historical in and of itself when a told insurrection lasts, I think, six hours? Again, we are confronted by non-events being events-- Daniel Bornstein called them pseudo-events: a conservative American fellow who agreed with a radical Frenchman named Guy Debord. The Frenchman called it all "The Spectacle." I’m am continually trying to wrap my mind around the fact that what happens above me is as a true vague fantasy but, as we saw of this night, Jan. 6th, real things happen in the Pseudo Dome. But, not so much happen as occur. Because, this night is not Dec. 7th 1941.

Donald Trump will leave office, I hope without more death than tonight’s one-- which is, historically, too many. But there will not be any manner of actual events until labor takes its place, until the right of negotiation is as sacrosanct as the right of property. Okay, so there’s an idealistic assertion-- but, without a higher ground, as in character is greater than color, there is no history. History is made of grand assertions that will hold or at least make an attempt to hold some hill, somewhere. The Pseudo Dome is built by never having seen a transcendent assertion-- strange way to build something but nonetheless, there she blows.

They have, meaning the manufactory of non events, been telling us since the pandemic arrived that we are in this together-- check your progressive tax rates for following Dec 7th, 1941 and following March Come Pandemic Day 2020. There seems to be a discrepancy of actual in this togetherness proof.

Real events are built on non lies and power redistribution-- not meaning to say that all new distributions of power avail nice history. But, if we want a life of actual events we have to deal with the powers that are most present to us. These, ultimately, are labor and capital-- not an easy division say some, many invest in the stock market. Yet, I’ve heard that those that invest in the stock market don’t actually own any part of decision whereas someone with the power of negotiation for their labor always owns a part of decision if they so choose to own it. I know, an idealism, but: THEY SAY DEMOCRATS WON THE ELECTION IN GEORGIA. So, why is it we elect Democrats?

I’m wearing my politics on my sleeve, where they ought to be-- no need to roll any cuffs. I truly and sincerely believe in the wake of utter pseudo events that actually cost someone their life that the table, the table of the negotiation of worth is history’s next new step. For America, for what could truly found actual local politics on the basis of people.

The market is a permanent reality of human engagement and sociality but to not affirm that the use of someone’s existence, meaning their labor, requires negotiation as a right of use is lacking justice. And, well, we don’t cater to injustice forever-- blessedly ask Mr. Warnock the new Senator from Georgia or ask the gay couple next door that is living the hell out their lives.

I’m old enough to know that such hellacious living was once a simple ideal.

Steven Piekutoski

A citizen living in Bird Town!

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Volume 17, Issue 2, Posted 3:47 PM, 01.20.2021