Mayor's Corner

The Americans With Disabilities Act passed in 1990, thirty years ago this past July. In that time, the City of Lakewood has focused on its commitment to be an accessible community of people with varying levels of ability. Specifically, at City Hall and other buildings, we have made improvements to stairwells, restrooms, doorways, lighting, and even our website among many other changes to ensure everyone has equal access.

One requirement of the ADA is for city governments to create an ADA Transition Plan which will be created through the work of the newly created ADA Task Force. While we have made great progress and expect to continue finding ways to accommodate our fellow citizens, the new ADA Task Force will formally establish rules and standards to be implemented citywide to ensure that the City meets the highest needs of its residents and visitors with disabilities. The Task Force will be responsible for developing a citywide plan to oversee the upgrade and compliance of City properties and facilities and to identify properties, buildings, and facilities that require upgrades to become ADA compliant.

My office is seeking resident participation to help identify necessary physical infrastructure and technology upgrades, to assist in the development of the ADA Transition Plan, and to work to ensure that citizens with disabilities have accessibility and are included in the City’s community life.

There are seven positions on the Task Force. Anyone interested should share a passion for this work and have an interest in serving our community. These individuals should possess knowledge and or experience as it pertains to ADA regulations and standards, public safety, community engagement, and advocacy.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in the City of Lakewood's ADA Task Force, please visit for the application and submit it along with your resume and a cover letter to by Friday, November 6, 2020.

Volume 16, Issue 21, Posted 12:59 PM, 01.06.2021