Community Fridge At The Root

Today is the first official day of hosting the ‘Community Fridge Cleveland Project’ at the Root Café. Thank you to everyone who donated already, we are fully stocked
Please tell your friends and anyone in your networks about this resource-- Anyone can come by and get Free Food during our business hours.

They worked with to raise funds for a mural on the fridge by local artist September Shy (IG: @tember611 )

They do ALL the legwork to make this happen--including providing daily maintenance and cleaning by their volunteer staff.

They accept:

Pantry staples, Fresh produce, Frozen foods, Sealed beverages (no alcohol), Meals prepared in professional foo safe environments with ingredients clearly labeled, Dented but sealed cans, packages with damaged labels, Masks and Hand sanitizer. 

According to the CommunityFridgeCle Instagram page, this food is for everyone, it is not a charity project. The food is for the community to eat so it doesn't go bad and become waste. The project works by citizens both giving and taking and no-one should feel embarrassed about taking food, that's what it's there for.      If you know a business or institution that would like to host this project, email   Follow this project on Instagram @communityfridgecle to support and learn more.

Volume 16, Issue 24, Posted 9:59 AM, 12.02.2020