Ray RodrÓguez Show At Root Cafe Through November

Looking for a short break from the day? Some good art, conversation and coffee? Stop by the Root Cafe on Detroit Ave. and check out the art of part-time Root Barrissta Ray Rodriegrez. Ray is having a small show selling prints and stickers of his work. This small grouping is in the surreal vein.

Ray is one of those people you cross paths with in life, and as you see more bits and pieces about the person and their work your appreciation only builds. This has been my experience with Ray.

Passionate about life, science, art and his beloved Puerto Rico. At the tender age of 28, you can add him to your artist/people to watch list. I think you will be pleasantly entertained.

This show is up through the end of the month.

Distance and Wonders
These paintings reflect some of Ray’s feeling and thoughts throughout this very strange year. He was looking to create a surreal fantasy series of expressions but kept getting dragged back into the realities of the pandemic, the economy and other news. Still he strives to lighten the images with a playfulness and bright colors. Prints range in price from $10 - $15. Stickers only $3. (I remember Warhol Brillo Boxes and Dali prints for $50 in the 60s, just saying.)

You can see more of Ray’s artwork at:
Ray Rodriguez@raymond.rodz and www.rayrodriguezart.com

Jim O'Bryan

Publisher, Lakewood Observer, Inc.

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Volume 16, Issue 22, Posted 11:35 AM, 11.18.2020