Wear A Good Mask

With COVID-19 still being a very big thing, wearing a mask will help prevent the spread, but it can’t just be any mask, a big part of mask-wearing is wearing an actual protective mask, otherwise there’s not much of a point to wearing one. There are good masks like the cloth ones you can get from almost any store, or the blue medical masks, however there a masks--or things that pass as masks-- that don’t or hardly work.  Some scarf masks marketed as breathable don’t work/or are not as effective as the other type of masks. Some masks come with inserts which need to be used. If the insert is left out, the mask may let droplets through.

One way to check is by using a spray bottle and noting how much, if any, spray gets through, or you can just hold it under running water and watch how easily the water flows through. You can also check by trying to blow out a candle while wearing your mask. You shouldn't be able to blow it out. 

Another thing which goes without saying is you have to wear it correctly, over your mouth AND nose.

Make sure your mask is working for you, and everybody else. 

Volume 16, Issue 21, Posted 10:20 AM, 10.22.2020