Drain The Swamp #45

I saw the most amazing yard sign today on the way to work – Drain the Swamp. Of course, the designer of such a foul thing has to use our country’s proud colors. Red, white and blue – did you know white signifies purity and innocence? Red is for hardiness and valor and our blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice. All the great symbolism our country stands for is vulgarized in this hideous sign. The verbiage is equally horrific. I’m not going to even address what I think they want the sign to mean.

Drain the Swamp. What a foolish thing to advocate! A swamp is a forested wetland. They are considered transition zones as land & water come together to create beautiful ecosystems in our environment. Swamps may be fresh water, brackish water or sea water. The wetlands are vitally important & swamps are a crucial type of habitat.

Swamps are predominately forested with trees & their majestic beautiful canopies rising upward to touch the sky. There are different kinds of swamps according to the types of trees they embrace. There are hardwood swamps, cedar swamps & cypress swamps. Swamps are found all over the world & on every continent except for Antarctica. All these types of wetlands improve water quality and water supply, provide important wildlife habitat and increase the ecosystems bio diversity. Swamps also maintain the flow of rivers and streams and reduce erosion.

In the 1700’s in the USA we had over 221 million acres of wetlands, which includes swamps. By 1990 more than half of all wetlands had been utterly destroyed by humans. We wrecked wetlands through dumping, draining, filling & other nasty human activities. Millennials & Mosaics get it -they know global warming & climate change are serious issues that need to be on the top of the emergency issues list now.

With #45 there is no hope for that. Did you know the refusal to name a person amounts to denial or dissociation from them? It’s also a sign of resistance—it’s an indication that the speaker rejects #45’s legitimacy. What we are not saying counts, absences can be significant. We are not speaking to the immorality, unethical brand and the value system that goes along with the political ideology. #45 is a powerful individual who speaks freely and openly about sexual predator behavior and we now know that these weren’t isolated incidents. There are endless examples of how he has treated women his whole life. (Whoops! I diverted. Wow! I could’ve spent the next 100 pages on all of his offenses to humanity.)

Back to the environment. We have record high temperatures never seen before. Patterns of extreme weather, so much damage we have done to our beautiful planet. We are in total global climate crisis, yet some knucklehead wants to “Drain the Swamp”! We have no time left to address this, with wildfires raging out of control. We have catastrophic weather patterns and severe drought and flooding never seen before. #45 demeans science and scientists as no other President in the history of the United States has ever done. His ignorance embraces nihilistic attitudes about science and climate change and global warming and has infected negative policymaking at all levels of our government. Not only is he not an academic or intellectual person but he is an imbecile thug when it comes to higher order critical thinking.

The closest wetland to describing #45 is a Bog, as in “he really bogs me and humanity down.” No, really though, a bog is another type of wetland, it could be used for # 45, I suppose, only because bogs too are highly acidic. #45 slogan should have been “Drain Antarctica” for that is what he is doing – by ignoring climate change and global warming. Rising sea levels-drain Antarctica. #45 leads an anti-science agenda and an anti-God agenda, as he is a fake Christian, the kind Jesus gets the angriest about. Just read the Bible, you’ll see. It is the biggest sin by far – leading others astray and being a hypocrite in your faith.

Swamps and wetlands and observing nature in general is restful, peaceful and fills the well within us all during these dark times. In nature I find peace in the solitude, I hold tight to gratitude, through my tears of anguish. We need bravery and courage now more than ever. None of us have been left untouched.

In admiring our wetlands, I embrace a deeper level of mindfulness, I find prayers in my heart to center myself. I usher them up to God on the gentle breeze. It has now become a brave act to optimistically consider the future. I ask God for strength daily and He provides it. History teaches us that all calamities end. But what about the Swamp? When will this all end?

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Volume 16, Issue 19, Posted 6:07 AM, 10.08.2020