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Aries: Mars in the sign of the Ram is about to go Retrograde, you’re in a holding pattern, which is hard for you, you want everything now, decide to channel your energy on reevaluation.

Taurus: Forgiveness has crawled into the Bull Pen, & it’s asking you to let go of the old story, holding onto your resentments is like taking poison & expecting the other person to die.

Gemini: Double up on your Love Potion #9, the Twins are in for some love, get out & about with your loved one, or if you’re flying solo, strut your stuff to the world, someone’s watching.

Cancer: The Crab has spent so much time in its shell on self-reflection, it was getting claustrophobic in there, going deep into the Soul has paid off, healing is happening.

Leo: Lady Venus has just entered the Jungle & she’s dressed to the hilt, the Lion/Lioness is looking for love, jump for Joy…you don’t have to look far, the L-O-V-E bug has hit the Jungle.

Virgo: The Sun is in your sign, & it’s trying to get an important message to you, however, you’ll need to open up those elephant ears of yours & listen, you won’t hear the message if your talking.

Libra: Mercury the Messenger Planet is in your sign, it’s all about communication, you won’t get the help you’re looking for unless you open mouth & use your voice, ask the Angels too.

Scorpio: The Scorpion of all people should know to trust your intuition, stop seeking advice from others, spend time in that cave, deep in meditation, you’ll find all the answers you’ll need.

Sagittarius: Let go of what was, in order to make room for what’s to come…the past is over, what’s done is done, learn from the experience, it’s time for the Centaur to greet the new day.

Capricorn: Shout from the mountaintop Goat, Jupiter is going direct, it’s time for a little change-up, let loose of the stoic stance, embrace your sensitivity, be gentle like the deer.

Aquarian: So often we curse the seeds that haven’t taken root, failing to realize it’s not their time, healing happens in seasons, it has no schedule, a deeper Soul healing is taking place.

Pisces: Put that Mermaid suit on fish, you’re the shining star in the sea, when someone gives you a compliment, smile, flip that tail & say thank you, your self-esteem is raising, enjoy the kudos.

Eva Starr, local astrologer, has been studying the moon & stars since she could read. Starr can be reached at

Eva Starr

     Eva Starr recently moved back to her heartland state of Ohio, after the transition of her mother. Starr spent the last ten years in San Diego digesting the alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast had to offer. While there she attended the San Diego Culinary Institute, and worked as a chef in San Diego.
     Starr also published her book Quit ‘Should-ing’ on Yourself, while in San Diego featured at the 2016 LA Times Book Festival, and Oprah Winfrey’s Reading Room.
     She continues to follow her metaphysical path, teaching Astrology, hosting her television show Reach for the Moon, and exploring the diversified culinary delights Lakewood has to offer.

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Volume 16, Issue 17, Posted 4:54 PM, 09.02.2020