Board Resolution Asks State To Review Curriculum For Inclusivity

The Board of Education at its July 20 meeting passed a resolution challenging the Ohio Department of Education to revise current core content standards to be more culturally inclusive.

The resolution allows District administrators to initiate discussion with representatives of the Ohio Department of Education for the purpose of developing revisions to Ohio’s Core Content Standards so that all Ohio public schools students may fully explore and gain understanding of the important contributions that all groups and cultures have made to our society.

The resolution also asks that the District administrators and faculty initiate a revision of the local courses offered to better reflect the diversity of cultures that have contributed to our country’s history.

To that end, Lakewood High School social studies teachers Chuck Greanoff and Joe Lobozzo presented a request to the Board to add elective courses on African American and Native American history to the department’s course selection. The pair stated that adding these courses will allow teachers to present our history through multiple lenses and allow for adequate exploration of the contributions of Americans of all cultures and races that is not possible under the current curriculum requirements.

In supporting the resolution Board member Linda Beebe said, “We as a Board believe that all of our students should have a sense that their people had an important contribution to where we are today.” 

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Volume 16, Issue 15, Posted 4:08 PM, 08.05.2020