Wonderful Neighbors

The beautiful mural painted by the Germaine girls in May.

Our next door neighbors were thinking of ways to keep their three daughters busy during the COVID quarantine. Small and large projects were proposed, one of which was painting the side of their garage.

They asked what color we wanted, and Bryan jokingly suggested something fun.

Lakewood is all about great neighbors and we hit the jackpot with the Germaine family; Russ, Laura, and daughters Ella, Lily, and Nora. Our families are partners in raising chickens and bees. Laura was approved for the second Hens in Lakewood Pilot Project and Bryan got to work building the coop in the Germaine's yard. Both our families have been tending the chickens and, of course, eating the eggs for over eight years. Soon after, we decide to start beekeeping. The hive is in our yard and benefits all of the vegetable gardens in the area. The honey has been enjoyed by both families and friends.

Bryan and I arrived home after a week away to find this wonderful mural brightening our garden.

The girls created the concept on their computer, penciled in the design on the garage wall, and painted the mural over the course of four hot days in May. What a wonderful surprise!

Volume 16, Issue 13, Posted 5:19 PM, 07.01.2020