Mayor's Corner

One important role in my job as mayor is to be the chief advocate for our community as a whole. In some cases, I approach businesses who might move to Lakewood from another county or state. Sometimes I talk to the media about the good stories we have to share of strong people in our community. I am regularly bringing our interests to our elected representatives at the county, state, and federal levels to ensure that Lakewood’s voice is heard and Lakewood’s people are getting what they need from every level of government. Recently, I have been calling on our congressional delegation to fight for you and me in Washington.

We are entering the third month of the coronavirus pandemic. We have seen Congress pass four stimulus bills totaling over $2.4 trillion. However, with the exception of a few dollars here and there to reimburse us for disposable masks and latex gloves, city halls across the United States have been left out. We need assistance from the federal government. This is not unique to Lakewood, all municipalities are facing serious financial implications due to COVID-19.

I’ve sent multiple letters to Congresswoman Kaptur, Senator Brown, and Senator Portman. I thanked them for all they have done on our behalf and implored them to do more. We need Congresswoman Kaptur, Senator Brown, and Senator Portman to prevail upon their colleagues and pass a bill that provides money to local governments. The City of Lakewood’s revenues are down but our responsibilities remain the same: to continue to provide the services that our community expects and deserves.

Please know that your help during these last several weeks has been tremendous. The people of Lakewood have stepped up and helped one another and our team at City Hall to handle this crisis together. The Small Business Rent Relief grant program, the parking meter moratorium, and the lifting of rush hour parking restrictions are a few ways my administration is adapting and addressing your needs. The volunteers we’ve had delivering meals to seniors isolated in their homes and the people responsibly sharing our parks—I see you and I thank you.  We will weather this storm and get through this together.

 Stay healthy and safe.

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Volume 16, Issue 11, Posted 10:38 PM, 06.03.2020