Sixty Day Remote Learning Plan From Lakewood City Schools

Lakewood Families,

What an unprecedented situation we are in. The uncertainty is challenging for all of us. In the midst of it though, we feel certain about Lakewood City Schools’ commitment to our students, our families, and our willingness to be flexible. 

Our Remote Learning Mission is to connect, engage, give feedback, and celebrate. Connection with students and families is critical. Relationships are the foundation of our District. We recognize that students and families need our support now more than ever. We are asking teachers to: Engage students in meaningful, authentic experiences; focus on essential learning; explore how to offer choice and flexibility to help families build routines that work best for them; and provide specific feedback and celebrate students’ progress. 

To help us achieve this mission, we, with stakeholder input, have created a Remote Learning 60-Day Plan that we hope will help you envision remote learning in Lakewood more clearly. Our intent is to make adjustments as necessary along the way. Remember, we are in this together!

Student Engagement Levels

All students K-12 MUST be engaged in remote learning during this time period. Below are the expectations shared with our teaching staff for the level of engagement that should be provided for our students according to grade levels: 

Grade Level

Student Engagement 

live sessions, plus digital lessons, plus independent work time

Engagement for Students Requiring Intervention


1 hour per day

Engagement time for students receiving additional services/intervention will be equal to or greater than what is indicated on the left depending upon the way in which services are provided.


2 hours per day, including time for Art, Music, and/or PE 


3 hours per day, including time for Art, Music, and/or PE


Up to 30 minutes per period per day


Up to 30 minutes per period per day; AP courses may require additional time

If teachers are requiring students to be online during a specific time period we have asked that they ensure that this is held during the time that teachers would normally  have the students during the instructional day. This structure will prevent scheduling conflicts for students.

Grading During Remote Learning


PreK tuition is being waived so teachers will send resources and connect with families but will not provide report cards or complete Early Learning Assessment.


For the time being, teachers are asked to collect evidence of student engagement and progress, and offer feedback the best they can. We will revisit the reporting of grades within the next 30 days. 


Students who participate and give effort in their remote learning should not be penalized, thus students’ 4th-quarter grade will be not lower than 3rd quarter. Based upon remote learning participation and work completion, 4th-quarter grade may go higher than 3rd quarter.

Special Education

As we have been planning and preparing to provide distance learning for students, a key area of focus has been how to best educate students with disabilities to ensure that they continue to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). While the public education that all students will receive is distance learning, we will continue to provide high quality, specially designed instruction and related services via the distance learning model. 

School age students with disabilities will participate in direct specially designed services via live video conferencing and/or telephone. The frequency of this instruction will be based upon the level of service in your student’s current IEP to the greatest extent possible given the circumstances we all face. 

  • All services will be focused on your student’s IEP goals, with the possibility of students being grouped based upon the common goals that they are working on. In some cases, this means that your student may participate in virtual small group instruction with a different group of students than what has been in place when school was physically in session. 
  • Students with disabilities will also continue to participate in general education distance educational activities consistent with the services in their IEPs, including with accommodations, as appropriate to the circumstances.
  • Students who receive related services (speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, adaptive physical education, etc) will continue to receive these services to the greatest extent possible. In many cases, your student’s related service provider will provide services via teletherapy by video conference or telephone. 
  • We will continue to monitor your student’s progress on IEP goals and provide you with progress reports using the best data we are able to collect during the school closure.
  • In some situations, we may reconvene your student’s IEP team to discuss whether a change to your student’s IEP is appropriate for the duration of the extended school closure. Situations where this is most likely to occur would be if a service is provided to support a student’s accessibility to attend school, in situations where it may not be practical or safe to provide a specific service, or when available progress monitoring data suggests a change is required to provide functional access to learning activities.

If the Annual Review meeting for your student’s IEP occurs during the school closure, we will hold the meeting virtually at a mutually agreed upon time and date. If you provided consent for your student’s triennial re-evaluation prior to the school closure and the evaluation plan included face-to-face assessment, we will hold a virtual meeting to determine whether we are able to use an alternate means to assess this area. Should the team determine that a face-to-face assessment continues to be necessary, we will suspend the evaluation until it is safe to conduct the assessment. These same principles will be used for evaluations that are due to be both planned and conducted during the extended school closure. If the re-evaluation cannot be completed during the school closure, your student will continue to receive services as determined by the IEP team until the evaluation is completed.

In addition to looking at best practices for providing special education and related services, these practices are consistent with state and federal guidelines. Distance learning for all students is a new service model for us. Should guidance change, or if we determine there may be a better way to educate students with disabilities, we may need to make changes to this model.

For Your Reference

In order to guide our actions, priorities and procedures, along with the Remote Learning 60-Day Plan, we have developed a 60-Day Action Plan to provide a pathway through this crisis for our administrative team. 

You can find a PowerPoint presentation of the 60-Day Plan here on our Coronavirus Extended Closure Information Page,

Other Important Items of Note:

House Bill 197 Provisions

On March 25th the Ohio legislature passed HB 197. It includes:

  • Waiving state testing and state report cards for this academic year

  • Exempting all third-graders from retention under the third-grade guarantee

  • Lifting the cap on granting credit for distance learning and allowing special educational services to be provided via electronic means

  • Waiving usual requirements in order to permit high school seniors who were on track before the coronavirus crisis to graduate

Click here: to see more of the education-related components.

Prom and Commencement 

These senior milestone events have been rescheduled but remain dependent upon the all-clear announcement from Governor DeWine to hold large gatherings. The new dates are:

June 25 - Prom

June 27 - Commencement 

Social/Emotional Wellness Resources:

Ohio Department of Education Resources

Resources for Reducing Anxiety/Conflict at Home

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Fostering Healthy Social & Emotional Development in Young Children: 

Problem Solving: 

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