Lakewood Resident Makes Ventilator Parts

Lakewood resident John Kocinski doesn’t have time to listen to Governor Mike DeWine’s daily updates, he's busy working on ventilator parts. “I’m usually here working at that time,” he says. The name of his company is Precision Productions which is a machine shop located in Strongsville. 

According to Kocinski they have "switched a ton of our stuff over to making ventilator parts.”  With a clear understanding of how great a demand the country had for ventilator, Precision Productions went to work: “We got the plans, we programmed the first part in a day. It took us three days to get up and running, it usually takes a a month.” 

Right now the shop is making four parts on the supply chain including 20,000 shafts a week and pressure plates. The parts will be used for ventilators being assembled by Ford Motor company for the Federal government.   

"We’re shipping every single day,” he said. “We put the first shipment on a corporate jet and flew them there was such a need."

"I think when you’re talking about essential businesses," he said,  "this is about as essential as it gets."

Volume 16, Issue 8, Posted 3:45 PM, 04.15.2020