A Message From Lakewood City School District

Dear Families:

I would first like to offer praise and thanks for your understanding during these unprecedented times. I know how difficult it is at a time like this to have to worry about your children, spouse, and other loved ones, not to mention friends, neighbors, and colleagues. We know that what is being asked of you now in regards to your children learning from home will be stressful and challenging at times.

With daily guidelines and orders coming from our President, Governor, the CDC, and Ohio Department of Health, we will have to make many adjustments as each day brings new and often troubling developments. I know this feels uncomfortable and often uncertain. This is our “new normal” for a while. I ask that you be patient with us as we adapt and revise as we go along and realize what is working and what is not.

It is highly likely that our extended closure ordered by Gov. DeWine will go beyond April 3rd. We need to mentally prepare for this scenario. We know that this announcement would mean more sadness, tears, and disappointment for many of our families, especially those with seniors. We are sad for them as well!

However, we must realize that we are all connected and that, as a community, we must do what is best for the safety and health of everyone, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

As we push forward, know that your support is appreciated more than I can say. We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of parents and the greater community offering to step up and help us in any way we may need. Thank you, and stand by as our needs are changing on a daily basis and we may still call on you. The outpouring of support and the needs of your children is what keeps us going in a very trying time.

Thanks for your understanding, your patience, and your cooperation as we all navigate these unchartered waters. We are resilient and we will get through this together!



Volume 16, Issue 7, Posted 3:06 PM, 03.19.2020