Men, grab your wallets securely and women, make doubly sure your purses are extra tightly closed!

There are 2 real estate tax levies on the primary ballot March 17. Cuyahoga County has the HIGHEST real estate and sales tax rates in the State of Ohio, which is NOT a distinction to be proud of. These ever-rising rates are hardest on those living (a more correct word is “existing”) on fixed incomes. There will come a day when the ever-increasing tax burden will force many to leave Cuyahoga County.

One levy is Issue 28, which concerns Lakewood residents and I join my fellow resident who urged voters to vote it down in a recent issue of The Lakewood Observer. While 6 years have elapsed since a levy was put before the voters in Lakewood, 1 component of the current levy is a portion set aside for maintenance/general permanent improvements - a similar split took place with the last levy.  

To an accountant, this is a blank check and accountants have no use whatsoever for handing out blank checks. Also from an accounting standpoint, consider the “cost per pupil” - Lakewood’s cost of $13,051 is $3,327 above the statewide average of $9,724.* This indicates there are economies other schools are benefitting from that Lakewood is not.  

The performance of the football team has been abysmal for years. Even the hiring of a new coach a few seasons ago has not resulted in more wins than losses. Can the administration show us a return on the resources expended on the football program? The answer is obviously “no” as regards wins. Discontinuation thereof would free up those resources for other purposes.

Lakewood Board Of Education, your work is cut out for you: reduce your cost per pupil, get rid of the blank check issue, come to an objective decision about the football program, then determine if a new levy is actually needed and if so, bring it before the voters in a subsequent election; for now, this issue absolutely and unequivocably deserves an “Against the Tax Levy” vote.

The other levy is Issue 33, another Health And Human Services levy - they raided our pockets 2 years ago and are already coming back for more - how dare they! It is way past time to tell them “NO MORE!” HHS is already very well-funded; it is high time to demand that they do what everybody else does - live within their means. Their claim is more people are coming in, looking for whatever handouts they can get for free - beggars, if you will. It pains me to see my hard-earned money being handed out freely to able-bodied men and women who lack the motivation to do what I and hundreds of millions of others do - go to work. It was once said that this world owes no man a living - that is a statement that needs to be brought back to the forefront and made known to the loafers and deadbeats who are content to live at my and your expense. An “Against the Tax Levy” vote on this issue may be the impetus needed to get them working.  

If you would rather have this money in YOUR pocket, make sure you join with me and vote “Against the Tax Levy” on Issues 28 and 33 and urge your co-workers, friends, neighbors and relatives to do likewise.

*Source: https://reportcard.education.ohio.gov/school/finance/019687

Ted Coons is a 44-year Lakewood resident, retired accountant, and active Voting Location Deputy Manager.

Ted Coons

44-year Lakewood resident

Volume 16, Issue 5, Posted 10:32 AM, 03.04.2020