Vote Issue 28 Support Our Schools

As a third-generation Lakewood resident and proud alumna of Lakewood Schools, I am proud to support Issue 28. I am grateful for the education I received as a student and wish for future Rangers to have that same high-quality experience. Voting for Issue 28 on March 17th will make that possible.

Before serving on City Council and becoming Mayor of Lakewood, I started my career as an educator. I've always valued the role that education plays in setting children up for success. Issue 28 will ensure our students are ready to succeed in life – whatever paths they choose. It will allow the Lakewood City Schools to increase mental health services for all children K-12, expand STEM classes to prepare students for their futures, keep educational technology and other learning materials up-to-date, help recruit and retain excellent teachers, and preserve our community’s investment by keeping all of our school buildings and other assets in good condition. Issue 28 will accomplish all of this while still being mindful of the taxpayer at less than $2 more per month based on a property valuation of $100,000.

I believe that strong schools mean a strong community. The basis for vibrant neighborhoods, strong housing values, and overall economic development is a strong education system. Issue 28 supports Lakewood families and our community by enabling the best possible educational outcomes for our students. Everything I do as Mayor remains focused on ensuring that Lakewood is one of the best places in the country to live. Issue 28 supports this effort.

I hope you will join me and our neighbors in supporting Lakewood City Schools on March 17th.


Meghan F. George

Mayor of Lakewood

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Volume 16, Issue 4, Posted 4:30 PM, 02.05.2020