Horrific Gray Windowless Buildings Of The Most Bleak Kind: Reviews Of Recent Releases By Local Bands, Pt. 96

Breathilizör - Emblematic Picasso Banshee Of Chaos Destructors - My Mind's Eye - 3 songs - CD

Somehow, these three songs last for almost an hour. That's the power of metal, I guess. Track 1 is "Hot Cup Of Doom," which is a pretty good heavy number set in some kind of shopping mall from hell (shopping mall of hell?). Absolutely ridiculous but at the same time kinda good, as you'd expect from Breathilizör. Hearing Food read off the names of businesses in his evil metal voice of chaos is pretty funny: "Hickory Farms…Sunglass Hut…a place that sells cellphones in the middle of the mall." This one's followed up by "Something Of Something, Part X." It's pretty impressive that they're up to Part X now. Is X the most metal roman numeral, or is V? I'm not sure. Please send in your opinions. The final track here is the big one, the almost painfully long "Future Invasion Of Robotic Mayhem." There are some pretty ripping parts, and of course it's great to hear Food's delivery (the way he says "unscrupulous" in the opening line has made me laugh every time), but it's almost more fun to read the included lyric sheet than actually sit through the whole thing. But then perhaps I just have a short attention span. In any case, if you're a Breathilizör fan like myself, you'll need this one. 666/???


The Missed - The Missed - Just Because Records - 4 songs - 7", digital

This is the first real record for The Missed, following their tape on Quality Time from (I think) over a year ago now. It's pretty good. They're definitely sliding away from the more pop-punk sound of the tape toward a more Nervosas-esque post-punk kind of thing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. They're still both poppy and punky, rest assured, just in a slightly different way. The songs are catchy, the rhythm section is great, and there's some excellent guitar playing on here (I particularly enjoy the solo on "I Wanna Know"). The opening "Stiff" is a tough stomper and for some reason "Summer Girl" reminds me of Paul Westerberg a bit despite not sounding like Paul Westerberg. I still kinda like the tape better (I wish someone would put that out on vinyl), but this is a solid EP to be sure, and I like it more and more with repeated listens. 4/5



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Volume 15, Issue 22, Posted 4:39 PM, 11.20.2019