Holiday Service Project

Do you know what "food insecurity" means? The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as a lack of consistent access to enough food for an active healthy life. What that means in our world is that some people are unable to afford healthy food- or any food at all- for a brief or extended period of time. It may mean that people have to choose between housing and needed medication over food for themselves and their families. In Cuyahoga County 233,500 (or 18.6%) experience food insecurity at one time or another.

As we approach the holiday season and begin to count our blessings, I hope you will consider being a blessing to the neighbors in our community. Lakewood United Methodist Church in cooperation with the Lakewood Community Service Center (LCSC) is sponsoring a "REVERSE HOLIDAY CALENDAR." Each day add an item to a box. The week before or the week after Christmas, we ask that you bring the box and its contents to either Lakewood United Methodist Church at 15700 Detroit Avenue or to the Lakewood Community Service Center at 14230 Madison Avenue. The Lakewood Community Service Center will then distribute these holiday boxes to needy families from Lakewood, Rocky River and Westlake.  


December 1 - box of cereal

December 2 - peanut butter

December 3 - stuffing mix

December 4 - boxed potatoes

December 5 - macaroni and cheese

December 6 - canned fruit

December 7 - canned tomatoes

December 8 - canned tuna

December 9 - dessert mix

December 10 - jar of applesauce

December 11 - canned sweet potatoes or yams

December 12 - cranberry sauce

December 13 - canned beans

December 14 - box of crackers

December 15 - package of rice

December 16 - package of oatmeal

December 17 - package of pasta

December 18 - spaghetti sauce

December 19 - chicken noodle soup

December 20 - tomato soup

December 21 - can of corn

December 22 - can of mixed vegetables

December 23 - can of carrots

December 24 - can of green beans

This service project is a great way to remember the true meaning of the holiday season and to also help our neighbors in need. Please share this with anyone that might be interested so that we can make it a blessed holiday for our community. 

If you have any questions or need a box and the list of items, please contact either Lakewood United Methodist Church at 216-226-8644 or the Lakewood Community Service Center at 216-226-6466.  

Roberta Hayes is a 24-year resident of Lakewood and a member of Lakewood United Methodist Church.




Roberta Hayes

I am a 24-year resident of Lakewood and a member of Lakewood United Methodist Church

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