Why I Think Brad Presutto Would Be An Asset To City Council

I have had several opportunities to chat with Brad Presutto about his ambition to serve on Lakewood City Council. He is very personable and always speaks to how much he loves our city. One thing that I am always curious about is, what past experiences would make a person the best for the job? I feel that Brad’s experience managing, consulting, and reaching compromise does make him the best person for the job. 

While working for a variety of banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, he managed teams as small as two people to a team of almost 60, spread out over multiple cities and countries. We need someone on City Council who has the experience being able to work with a wide variety of demographics and achieving compromise.  Our city has issues that have opinions ranging the entire spectrum. Having someone who has experience achieving compromise will prevent major issues from dividing our city and losing trust in Lakewood’s government.

One thing I noticed on his LinkedIn profile was that he won the Rookie of the Year award at his last job.  When I asked him about it, he was quite proud to talk about the success the team he managed achieved by turning around 72% quality scores to 99% within eight months.  In fact, most of his career he sought out teams or departments that were new or struggling; and he enjoyed using a continual improvement mindset to bring results to above expectations.  While Lakewood is not a new or struggling city, I want someone in public service who is willing to review each process for ways to make it more efficient. Having someone willing to listen to residents and city employees to make sure our city services  are beyond reproach is important to all voters.

Finally, as a small business owning family, I want someone who will help keep the small business culture Lakewood is known for.  He is also a small business owner. His company specializes in resume writing and career counseling for those in the entry-mid level positions.  Not only is he a small business owner, but his target demographic are those that can not afford the most expensive services. I want someone on City Council that is willing to evaluate everything before making a decision, instead of just settling for the highest dollar.

As a Ward 2 resident, it gives me great confidence in supporting Brad Presutto for Lakewood City Council.  While I know he will be a great at responding to neighbors, I’m sure he also has the work experience necessary for an exceptional Councilperson.  Lakewood needs someone on City Council who has experience reaching consensus between groups, focused on continual improvement, and is able to make decisions for the betterment of others and not just willing to take the highest dollar.  I hope you will join me on November 5th in voting for Brad Presutto City Council Ward 2.

Jessica Ang

Mother, wife, childcare provider & small business owner

Volume 15, Issue 19, Posted 5:47 PM, 10.16.2019