Presutto Demonstrates Professional Experience Needed For City Council

My career started in the financial sector where I specialized in creating and delivering training programs for new hires, existing employees, and leadership development. While I was training staff members in a variety of financial roles, I also achieved a wide variety of financial licenses, HR certifications, and project management experience. In addition to training, I managed teams as small as two to as large as sixty across multiple cities and countries. It is this experience that has me best suited to interact with different demographics and will allow me to communicate the issues and solutions to Lakewood residents.  

When you are in the training sector, companies tend to place you in the general Human Resources area. It was due to this relationship that I was able to get experience in the recruiting field. Companies and leaders quickly saw my ability to attract and assemble a team of highly skilled individuals, empower them to grow, and get them promoted to other areas of the company to excel. My role quickly changed to become a leader over new teams or departments that were struggling. I was able to quickly turn around teams that became the role models for other teams to emulate, including winning the 2017 Rookie of the Year at my last job because I was able to take a team that was consistently putting out quality numbers of 72% to 99% within 8 months. Whatever department or role I managed, I was always the subject matter expert on hiring and retaining top talent.

I was routinely asked to participate in the interviewing and hiring process for roles, but I also was asked to share these hiring best practices with a variety of different companies to help them hire in areas that had historically high turnover rates. It is this experience that will allow me to approach every situation with a “continual improvement” mindset. While Lakewood is a great city, I would be proactive in reaching out to residents and city employees to find out their pain points and look for ways to be more efficient. Doing more with less will help us balance a more affordable cost of living that we are striving to maintain.

After working in the private sector for almost twenty years now, I started my own company this year, Level Up Employment LLC.  We specialize in career counseling and professional writing services. While recruiting throughout the country, I realized that a majority of the working age public do not know how to adequately assemble a resume, prepare for an interview, and sometimes even how to efficiently search for a career in avenues outside of their last role. The companies that exist out there that offer assistance with career counseling are all targeted and priced towards executive level employees. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help the recent high school or college kid get their foot in the door or help a stay-at-home parent re-enter the workforce once their children have entered school. My company offers these services at a tenth of the price point of our competitors while offering the same level of service. We also offer these services to small businesses, school clubs or groups, and nonprofits. With unemployment low right now, the smallest advantage could make all the difference in landing a career that could help someone struggling to get back on their feet or that young family pay for their children through college. Lakewood has lost a lot of jobs from drastically reducing staff at what remains of Lakewood Hospital, the loss of New York Life to Public Square, and a variety of small businesses in Downtown Lakewood. I will leverage my experience in the recruiting industry to prioritize attracting anchor companies to Lakewood to make up for the W2 jobs we have lost over the years.

I feel my educational background and almost 40 years of life experience sets me apart from my opponent. I have worked in a wide variety of fields, private and public, for profit and not for profit, and have experienced what Lakewood is looking for in their City Council representative. Not only will my experience in employment services allow me to leverage what Lakewood has to offer to secure some anchor companies to replace the jobs we’ve lost in Lakewood, my consulting skills have prepared me to work with people with a wide variety of demographics. I know what it takes to get multiple stakeholders to agree on one course of action moving forward so all voices feel like they are heard, while also retaining the best practices needed to implement successful change management.  

I am knocking on doors, making phone calls, and hosting meet and greets. My LinkedIn profile is public so you may review my resume. I’m counting on your vote to bring a trusted, responsive representative back to Ward 2.

Bradley Presutto

Brad Presutto is currently running for Lakewood City Council Ward 2.

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 4:59 PM, 10.16.2019