Building Trust In Government Is Critical To Lakewood

This election is not about which middle-class professional gets to put a feather in her cap. It's about the people of our community who need real help, with real issues. That's what my campaign has been about from day one to now. I also believe in giving straight answers to direct questions, and when the Lakewood Observer asked why someone should vote for me and not my opponent, I answered both parts of the question. I replied based on more-than-triple-checked research, which is available for anyone to review.

The issue of judgment matters. City council members evaluate all the policies of our city, as well as potential appointments of the next mayor. My opponent demonstrated her judgment in decisions at the county jail, as well as in hiring an adherent of vicious negative politics to consult for her campaign, in the person of Ed FitzGerald.

This hire makes it very easy to believe the reports, throughout this campaign, of my opponent disparaging me when talking with Ward 1 residents. What I can say for certain is that my only criticism of any opponent in this election has been non-personal and in the open.

I can also say for certain that we need to re-center higher values in Lakewood, of not only honesty and transparency, but of treating government as an opportunity to help with real problems, rather than a prize to be seized by means fair or foul.

These are the values I have practiced in my career, and in this campaign, and these are the values I will uphold in service to this community.

Volume 15, Issue 21, Posted 5:11 PM, 10.16.2019