Debunked: O'Leary's Pretend Endorsement

Two campaign mailings have now alleged that "The Lakewood Democratic Party" has endorsed Sam O'Leary for mayor.

"The Lakewood Democratic Party" doesn't exist, though. There's no such group.

The only formal organization of Democrats local to Lakewood is The Lakewood Democratic Club, which made no endorsement for mayor at its September 26 meeting.

O'Leary's campaign sent out two mass mailings before the club even voted, however, inventing a "Lakewood Democratic Party" endorsement out of thin air. One mailing even featured a made-up logo.

As these misleading claims have hit mailboxes, The Lakewood Democratic Club has stated directly that no formal Democratic organization specific to Lakewood has endorsed a candidate for mayor this year.

The Democratic Club considered applications from various Democrats, including candidates for mayor O'Leary and Meghan George. No mayoral candidate reached the threshold for endorsement when the club voted on September 26, and no 2019 candidates had any basis for claiming or implying endorsement by the club prior to its September meeting.

Voters should rate O'Leary's invention, of a "Lakewood Democratic Party" to endorse him, as "definitely false."

Bonnie Sikes is a Lakewood resident.

Bonnie Sikes

Lakewood resident

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 5:57 PM, 10.02.2019