Candidate Questions For Linda Beebe

1.). Why do you want to be elected, or re-elected, to the Lakewood Board of Education? Why should we vote for you? (100 words or less)

I bring some distinctive contributions to board considerations. My connections to Lakewood Schools are strong. My children Aaron and Megan are Lakewood graduates. My husband Dr. Bruce Beebe taught in Lakewood for 30 years. As one whose children are now grown, I can focus the needs of all children. As a former teacher both in Lakewood and Scotland,  I bring classroom experience into policy discussions.  I love reading about learning theories and best practices. As an older person I bring a different perspective to policy discussions.  As an attorney, I can bring my knowledge to considerations with legal implications.

2.) What do you see as the three biggest issues facing the Lakewood School District? Explain how will you address one of them? (100 words or less)

I will continue to seek to lower expenses by reducing staff in line with declining enrollment and to seek out opportunities for group purchasing. I will support the district’s efforts to lobby for effective state support for the district to relieve the burden on local taxpayers. I will encourage the district leadership to look for creative ways to increase programming at reduced cost, while maintaining a talented and strong teaching staff and without cutting arts or extra-curricular education.


3.) It seems that every week we hear of another terrible school incident and this year we have been informed of threats in our own schools. What are your ideas to keep our children as safe as possible in our schools? (100 words or less)

We have to face the terrible fact that schools can be targets of evil people or involved in community-wide disasters. I support continuing to work with Lakewood Police to provide training to staff and students of appropriate responses to Active Shooters, Tornados, or Fire. I support the retaining of security officers at Lakewood High and the presence of local community policy officers in the other schools.


4.) In a city dedicated to wellness, if elected or re-elected, what will you to do make sports, recreation and extra-curricular activities more abundantly available to Lakewood students and families?

In an era when we all worry about childhood obesity and the effects of hours spend in front of a television or computer screen, I believe we need to focus on opportunities for children to get exercise and stay fit. This includes encouraging all students to walk or ride to school when the weather permits. Programs like Last weeks’ Community Ride to the Park and Walk to School with Dad are a start. I also we should provide more opportunities for involvement in extracurricular sports and exercise programs.   



5.) What are your ideas to better address the needs of different learners in Lakewood: the developmentally challenged, ESL students, and at risk students? (100 words or less)

I want to make certain that the Board of Education remains committed to great educational opportunities for all students. I also want to implement more emotional and physical health support for students to enable them to learn. I want to expand academic opportunities for all by assessing where that student is at the start of the year and tailoring the curriculum to him or her individually. Focusing on reading skills especially in the expanded pre-school program and early elementary grades will benefit those “different” learners.  

6.) What do you see as Lakewood School District's greatest asset, outside of the students, teachers and new schools? How can this be be used to make our schools better? (100 w

Lakewood Schools' greatest asset is the city itself.  Cooperation and support from city administration is strong. But most importantly, it is the willingness of our citizens to support the schools as evidenced by their support of the bond issues underlying the facilities rebuilding program, in the numbers who come out to "Listen and Learn" sessions with the Superintendent, who attend concerts and ball games and assist in Career Shadowing Days, who contribute to awards programs in individual schools, coach T-Ball or read to students in the elementary schools.   

ords or less)

Linda Beebe

Linda G. beebe

Member of and candidate for re-election to the Lakewood Board of education

My qualifications for serving on the Board of Education are broad and varied.  I am a former teacher.  I taught English and history in middle and high school for 12 years – in Pennsylvania, in Scotland and in Lakewood.  My children Aaron and Megan went to Lakewood schools; my husband Dr. Bruce Beebe taught for 30 years in Lakewood High School; I was in the PTA and led a Girl Scout troop.  I have been an attorney for 33 years and have been active in community organizations for over 40 years.  I was COC Business person of the year in 1998. I have been honored by the Ohio School Boards Association as an outstanding board member. I am a member of the League of Women Voters and  the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce; I have set as a Trustee of the Lakewood Foundation, Lakewood Senior Citizens Inc. and the Barton Center Board of Trustees. I have served as President of the Lakewood Board of Education four times, and have been closely involved in the past 16years in the Lakewood school facilities project that will culminate in the complete rebuilding of our school buildings – on budget and on time.

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Volume 15, Issue 20, Posted 6:17 PM, 10.02.2019