Meyer Focusing On Outreach And Accessibility To Board Of Education Voters

You may have received a knock at your door or come home to find a literature piece from me, Andrew Meyer. If not, hopefully you will before the end of the campaign! I’m reaching out to the City the old-fashioned way, by going door to door to introduce myself. I’d love to go to every house, but the limits and time demands of a campaign mean that I’m knocking on doors of people who have voted in the most recent municipal elections. I’ve already visited about half of those walkable houses in the City, and I should be able to reach most of the rest before November 5th. 

I’m letting the people that I talk to know about my background, motivation, and goals. I was a substitute teacher in my first professional position, before I went to law school and became an attorney. I’m a small business and homeowner in Lakewood. I’ve been active and engaged in the community, serving on several local boards and commissions. And most of all I’m married to my wonderful wife, and with a wonderful young daughter. Ellie was born this winter after many years of hoping for a family and wondering if it would ever happen for us.

We love the idea of contributing to Ellie’s education, and with my long interest in education and community service, I decided to begin this campaign in June.

By going door to door and reaching out to Lakewood residents in as many ways as I can, I want to let them know about the Board, its role, and that I will be a diligent advocate on their behalf if I’m elected. Along with the basic goal of being community driven and community responsive while in office, other goals include helping local School Boards cooperate to exchange best practices and avoid common pitfalls, promoting education geared to the individual, promoting good student nutrition, and working on school and community friendly budgeting. We have a good city and a good school system in Lakewood, and I know I have attributes that can keep us moving forward and headed in the right direction! 

If you would like a yard sign, or if you have questions or would just like to let me know your thoughts, please contact me at 216-513-6842 or

Volume 15, Issue 18, Posted 3:47 PM, 09.18.2019