Supporting Meghan George For Mayor

When Lakewood elects a new mayor, on November 5, Meghan George will have my vote.

I have gotten to know Meghan as a person and as a professional. In my experience, she is an inherently genuine and principled individual. I have seen her embrace tough challenges with strength, and make difficult decisions with poise.

On City Council she uses her knowledge and awareness to make a positive difference for our city. Meghan studies the issues and does what’s right for Lakewood residents.

Meghan appreciates Lakewood’s significant history. She takes a long-term view of development and other proposals, recognizing that today’s decisions need to make sense in years to come. This is the thoughtfulness and maturity we need at City Hall.

I strongly believe Lakewood’s future will be bright if we elect Meghan George as Lakewood’s next mayor.

Claire Vincent

Claire Vincent

Lakewood resident for over 20 years and Lakewood High School graduate. My boyfriend and I have a home on Rosewood Ave with our dog.  

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Volume 15, Issue 15, Posted 2:59 PM, 08.07.2019