Stop The Ban On Plastic Bags

Oppose the Cuyahoga County plastic bag ban legislation introduced by Cuyahoga County Council members Sunny Simon and Dale Miller, who are both unable to show us any major plastic bag pollution in Cuyahoga County or our part of Lake Erie - because there is none. Maybe in other parts of the world, but not here. It is a bad, not needed, harmful law, wrongly stopping stores and other retailers from giving shoppers free plastic bags to put their purchases in, which the shoppers then re-use to put garbage in at home.

Under this foolish Simon/MIller law, people will have to buy extra plastic bags for their garbage, still using plastic bags. That hurts poor people the most. Simon and Miller are not poor and evidently do not care about the poor. If illegal truck dumping in Cuyahoga County is putting plastic bags and other trash/garbage in the environment, stop the illegal dumping. Don't ban plastic bags.

Plastic bags are needed for wet purchases especially, such as some wet produce, ice cream, popsicles, other frozen items, etc...and when purchasing little pet fish from pet stores, etc...because the wetness can leak through paper bags, but not plastic bags. Simon and Miller's bag ban legislation says it is based on a tyrannical plastic bag law of the bureaucratic oppressive government of the Communist China dictatorship. This shows that Simon and Miller are un-American extreme leftists, modeling this law on anti-democratic China's law, where there is no freedom of speech and critics of the government are jailed. Simon and Miller's bag ban law states this law is needed because some people "waste" plastic bags. How would they know who is wasting a plastic bag? And if somebody does, that does not mean plastic bags should be banned. Do we ban cigarettes because a few are on the ground by the front door of a bar? This law is over-kill.

It is a "feel good" issue for Simon and Miller, getting them publicity, while they mislead the public. The huge fines this law will collect from violators may go to Simon's and Miller's pals and cronies. Giving them jobs collecting fines. This Stalinist law creates a police state in Cuyahoga County of people ratting out violators. I would not be surprised if Sunny Simon has a poster of Lenin on her wall.

Strangely, this Simon/MIller law omits other forms of plastic, such as straws, plastic bottles, plastic wrap, plastic dishes, spoons, forks, knives, cups, etc...Why? Is the paper bag industry paying off Simon secretly to get this law to defeat their rival, the plastic bag industry? Is corruption and bribery behind this?

A voluntary education campaign would be better than a ban. Killing more trees, which increases global warming, for more paper bags is what Simon and Miller advocate, by banning plastic bags. Other worse sources of plastic in the environment are ignored by this law. Retailers such as Giant Eagle grocery stores have big bins for people to put plastic bags in to be recycled. That makes more sense than the Simon/MIller plastic bag ban.

It is bad legislation, as was Simon and Miller's 2017 bag tax legislation that County Council rejected. Call 216-221-0228 to help stop this not-needed, outrageous dictatorial un-American, anti-freedom plastic bag ban.

Signed, Steve Gannis

Lakewood, Ohio 

Volume 15, Issue 11, Posted 6:32 PM, 07.03.2019