Trikeable Treats Prepares for It's 3rd Season. Thanks to You!

4th of July Parade

We have all heard the phrase “It takes a village.” Well, as we would soon find out, when you are considering starting a new business from the ground floor up, that’s exactly what it takes!

And, Lakewood proved to be that “Village” and more!

We are Jeff and Torey Worron, 20-year residents of Lakewood who, after being downsized, decided to start a small business where we could have some FUN and make a living while our daughter was in LHS and beyond.

The idea for our business was born out of curiosity… why isn’t there an ice cream truck in Lakewood? And from that question, Trikeable Treats was born. We decided to buy a unique ice cream bike that would function like an ice cream truck but be even better. We would be highly mobile and be the perfect size to do indoor and outdoor events and parties of all kinds.

Our goal would be to create FUN, UNIQUE and MEMORABLE parties and events that would “bring out the 8-year-old in everyone”! We would serve not only traditional and nostalgic ice cream treats like drumsticks & sandwiches, push up’s, red white and blue rocket pops, but also offer healthy natural fruit bars as well as a variety of cakes and other fun kid and adult treats that could be customized to meet the needs of our clients. Both young and old!

We got off to a wonderful start when we debuted our ice cream bike during the 2017 4th of July parade. We thought we might be a hit by giving out red, white and blue rocket pops rather that the traditional candy toss. Well, needless to say…. we got mobbed when we gave out over 750 frozen popsicles to some very enthusiastic kids lined up along the parade route.

From that point on…Trikeable Treats was off and running. From adult and kid birthday parties, to graduations, block parties and business events, we have now done over 100 events since that very first parade.

But the bigger story, and the one we really want to tell, is that none of this would have happened without the tremendous support from friends, neighbors, families, businesses, organizations and the wonderful people and resources that make up this wonderful Lakewood community! It was nothing short of spectacular.

During our journey from idea to launch, to learning how to make very event we do FUN, we were so incredibly lucky and fortunate to have met and relied on friends and several wonderful businesses that have helped guide us along the way.

It’s important to note that from the first thoughts of starting a business here in town, and well before that first 4th of July Parade, we were very lucky to have had the help from The City of Lakewood and Law Director Kevin Butler, as well as from Mike Belsito who was Lakewood’s first Entrepreneur in Residence.

We also relied on, and have had the support of, Ian Andrews and the team at LakewoodAlive. We have been very fortunate to be able to participate in the Chocolate Walks, Light Up Lakewood, Spooky Pooch and Summer Meltdown events as a way to get our name out into the community and support their events as well.

Helping get our brand created and noticed started with our neighbor and graphic arts designer, Elizabeth Nici of Gusto Designs who helped us develop the “look” of our business and create our logo while at the same time jump-starting our website.

Our friends Julie and Shawn Warren, owners of Erie de Sign jumped on board to print and install our logos and signage on our bike, trailer and the Jeep that pulls it! Plus, Julie Warren was kind enough to introduce us and recommend us to a long-standing friend who happens to own the Velvet Ice Cream Company that is now the supplier of the wonderful and yummy nostalgic ice creams that we serve.

But Lakewood was just starting to show us how they could step up and help us out!

We benefited from the tremendous support and guidance from Patty Ryan at the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce who helped us bring our nostalgic bike and our new brand of FUN to their last two Christmas Holiday parties. The first year we partnered with Buddy the Elf who gave out themed treats to the guests and this year we served Adult themed Jell-O shots. How FUN!

We learned even more when Laurie Sanders, the GM of Georgetown/Vosh welcomed us into many of their events and taught us how to successfully create FUN wedding and catering events. Whitney Callahan from Inn The Dog House repeatedly hired us for Pet and Customer Appreciation days and helped us learn that there is an ice cream for dogs. And they LOVE IT…. who knew?

Examples of how wonderful Lakewood has been could go on and on. From morning breakfast with Iced Coffee Pops and Danishes from Elmwood bakery during a Bike Lakewood meeting, to serving ice cream at the LHS after prom 2 years in a row, to serving cookies and cider at H20’s Pumpkin Palooza, to the numerous block parties we have done, to the AMAZING school and PTA parties (kids just love the Ice Cream Man and Ice Cream), Lakewood has been wonderful to us!

While we know we can’t thank everyone, we wanted to thank as many people as we could who have helped us along the way. We wanted to recognize and to show some of the many examples of why it’s great to start, and run, a small business here in Lakewood.

Trust us when we say that everyone wants you to succeed.
In the 20 years that we have been here, we--like you--have learned firsthand that there are many, many ways to get involved in our community.

So, whether you are looking for us to help bring some FUN to your next party or event, or you are looking for some advice on starting and running a business here in Lakewood, we are here to help!

We do Adult & Kid parties, Wedding Receptions & Showers, Business Parties, Events & Promotions, Fundraisers, Camps & Festivals, Block Parties & Reunions and Senior Center Activities as well.

You can look us up at or on Facebook and Instagram. Or call us at 216-931-0224.

So once again, THANK YOU LAKEWOOD! You’re the Best!

Yours in FUN….
Jeff (The Ice Cream Man), Torey and Tully Worron

Jeff Worron

Together with my wife Torey, we created a new Ice Cream Bike business here in Lakewood that pedals and serves Ice Cream Treats as well as many other things to home and business parties and events of all kinds

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