Lakewood Hospital Public Records Case Comes To A Close

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  • This photo ran when Brian Essi finally realized that Mayor Summers was going to make him sue the City in order to to make them turn over documents referred to by the courts as "Obviously Public Records," and "Documents that were important for residents to read and know." Kept from the public over the past 3 elections!

  • The bottom document was what the City of Lakewood was originally sending out early in the court battle. Months later, while most pages were heavily redacted or refused, a troubling picture emerged. In the end Brian received less than 25% of the documents he requested, however that was enough to prove there was no $120 million in development, and the City knew it. Even with limited access to documents, after 3.5 years, it was obvious residents were being misled through three very important elections.

  • Graphic from the Deck underlining that Council President O’Leary and others on council at the time of the court rulings had their heads in the sand. Some even spread lies and narratives they knew were false through three elections and one court case. At any time before the last court date, anyone on council could have supported residents’ rights and called for immediate release of the documents, saving all of us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • City Hall stated there was $120 million in new development coming to the spot. The uncovered truth shows that City Hall was warned that this was not true. Through three elections Mayor Summers, Council President O’Leary, Bullock, Litten, and others swore it was true. The truth? In the end, the hospital property was sold for $1.00 (that is not a typo) to a group represented by the ex-mayor of Lakewood, Ed FitzGerald.

  • From Brian Essi's 3.5 years of reporting on the Hospital Debacle, and the search for the truth. "Laid Bare: What Is City Hall Hiding?"

  • Poster that appeared in the Lakewood Observer pointing our just some of the lies, which took on an Qrwellian quality to them. You know, "War is Peace, Black is White..."

  • A total of $248 million dollar in public assets through 2026, liquidated for $1.00 to the man that appointed the Mayor to Lakewood Hospital Association, and Mayor of Lakewood. Hmmmmmmmm

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